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chase123December 5, 2009

When choosing a decking option for your deck or patio, consider the option of Composite decking. Composite decking does not require the same maintenance a wood deck takes. The maintenance that a wooden deck requires. Over time the cost and headache of power washing and staining a deck will exceed the amount of money saved over composite. View some composite decking

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Yo Chace do you actually have an outdoor bamboo decking ptoject out over hmmmm 3/5 years? I am intersted in this product but so far I am not geting info from the Co that helps at all.

Your really not too far from OKC I could drift on over there and take a look.

Nice work. John Hyatt

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Might be a little early but do you put down bamboo decking or just advertise it ? No prob either way.

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Earnestly consider the hardwood alternatives. 5 years from now, the hardwoods will prove to be your best choice. www.CompositeDecking.ME has some good points to compare. has GREAT support, best selection and best prices.

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I built a multi-level deck using the evolutiondeck galvanized steel structure, finished in granite stone pavers. This is the best investment you can make in a deck - long life and maintenance free forever. see

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Come up with some straight anwsers my man. Maintenance free forever has got to be put in print. J.

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I should be more clear - our deck requires no maintenance. There is no required maintenance to the evolutiondeck structure over the warranty period. Maintenance of the surface finish depends on what you choose - we chose flamed granite stone pavers so really none is required. Sealing every few years is optional - we haven't yet and don't think we will. We spilt the BBQ grease trap onto the deck, and it washed away with some soapy water and a hose. Note there is no warranty on natural stone.

Here is a link that might be useful: info on stone pavers

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