Front Porch Lighting ...

gopintosDecember 19, 2009

... specifically by your front door, what have you done? Lanterns on the side? Hanging over head? Flush mount over head? Some combination?

Here is why I am asking. I cheaped out and opted against the arched window over the door, later to realize that with the arched barrell, it should have had the arched window.

Thought I could create my own arch with stone. I think it is going to work out okay.

But before the stone was put up, I thought I might need to get a large hanging light to help fill in the space. Then it was looking like maybe I didnt need such a large hanging light.

Then it was looking like maybe a flush mount would do.

Now I am wondering if I really even need that. I can wire the 2 lights on the side of the door on a separate switch in order to light up only the front door when needed.

So I was just curious what others have done. Pictures would be awesome!


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figured it out. you can let this roll on off

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