Removing Deck Boards

jimlaDecember 23, 2013

Replacing our 16x 20 foot PT wood deck. 5/4 boards are screwed down and painted with a solid stain. Any recommendations for method or tools to make the job of removing the painted screws and salvaging the boards easier?

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Unscrew the screws with a screw gun.

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agreed. any tips/tricks for painted over screw heads, stripped heads or snapped off heads?

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Chip out or off the painted heads, drill out or use an easyout for the broken or stripped heads.

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Removed the old boards on our deck with a sawsall style saw with a long metal cutting blade. After removing a few boards I could insert the blade between the board and the joist and cut the two screw quickly. Easy to get the boards loose. If you want to salvage the boards you will need a small punch to drive the cut screw from the back side.

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