Pool Specs - League City - Thoughts/Opinions?

playa7June 3, 2011

Pool Size: 20x36

Pool Depth: 3.5 - 5.0 - 8.0

Area of Pool: 555 Sq. Ft.

Spa: 5 x 8

Shape: kidney

Raised : 12"

Spa Wall: tile, brick or flagstone

Filter: Jandy DEV 60 SQ FT DE Filter

Pump: Jandy Plus HP 2 HP Energy Efficient Motor

Valves: Jandy Maximum Flow Backwash Valve

Skimmers: Two - Bermuda Skimmers w inch separate lines

Tan Skimmer lids to match deck

Pool Light: Jandy 500 Watt Pool Light w/GFCI and lens covers

Spa Light: Jandy 100 Watt Spa Light w/GFCI and lens covers

Main Drains: 6 - Main Drains - Separate lines and valves

Inlets: 5 - 1 1/2" Jets with adjustable eyeballs

Time Clocke: Jandy RS8 w/PDA Wireless controls with remote

Spa Jets: 6 Hydro Air Venturi spa jets with 1.0 HP Polaris QT Blower

Heater: Jandy LX1 Thermostat Electronic - Gas 400,000BTU

Cleaner: Polaris 280 w/booster pump

Chlorine Feeder: Rainbow 320 inline chlorine feeder

Beam: 4 bar box beam with #4 rebar continuous

Walls/Floor: #3 8"x8" on center both ways with #3 alternates

Gunite: 6 to 1 cement to sand ratio

Gunite (beam): 12" minimum, 8" cove

Gunite (walls /floor): 6" minimum

Steps/Benches: per plan


2" suction,separate lines , separate valves

PVC Schedule 40 on all pool piping

PVE Schedule 80 on all pump connections

2" returns to 1 st "T"

All electric included

25 ft. gas hook up included

Coping: Choice of bullnose clay fired brick or flagstone

Tile: 6" water line tile - $6.00 per sq. ft. allowance

Tile: 2" tile trim on steps and benches - choice

Interior finish: White Marble Plaster ( Two Coats)

Type of decking: 3/8 inch peagravel

Area of decking: 955 sq. ft.

Additional decking: ADDL. Sq. footage $7.25 per each

Steel schedule: 16 in O.C. both ways

Pole: 8' to 16' telescoping pole

Wall Brush: Heavy duty gunite brush

Leaf Net: Deluxe skimmer net

Test Kit: Deluxe 5-part DPD test kit


Underground 1/2" fill line to hose bib with vacuum breaker

Concrete equipment pad poured in place

Start-Up Chemicals:



nO REROUTES/NO LANDSCAPING and no tree removal included

Concrete for arbor area included

Eight foot dive included

3.0 ton moss rock waterfall with pump included

Moss Rock stacked wall included

sunshelf 6 inches of water and one spout included

$1450.00 upgrade to fusion soft 40K Salt System included

$1800.00 upgrade to white based quartzscape included

$700.00 for Delzone Ozone EC2 included

4 FT stacked flagstone spa spillway included

Total Bid: $49,555.00

Would love thoughts and opinions on these specs. We are trying to decide between this builder and one other. Thanks!

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I see you have an upgrade for the fusion soft 40K Salt System. It is mineral based with a chlorine dispenser. It is not a salt water chlorine generator. Do you want this ?

You will have a Jandy PDA 8 remote. It would make more sense to me if you have a salt pool to use the Jandy aqua pure control center and a jandy salt chlorine generator which will handle all of your sanitizing needs, assuming you maintain the chemicals properly.

At that point, with the control center I would ditch the standard white lights with covers and maximize the potential of your remote and control center by using LED lights that will let you run a fantastic light show in your pool and spa as well as control your Polaris cleaner and water features, spa etc.

Ask your builder about this stuff, he/she should know.

Personally, I would ditch the ozone. Cannot imagine why you need 3 levels of sanitization? Chlorine, mineral and ozone.

2 cents.

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read the posts by CakeLady

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Sounds like this PB might be trying to sell us stuff we don't really need. We just told him we wanted a lagoon style salt water pool. I know nothing about pools, so it is helpful for those of you that do to give us feedback! I so appreciate it!
I will research the upgrade to figure out what that is all about? I just want a salt water pool that is easy to maintain. So, those lights are not color? I definitely want the color lights. Looks like I have some research to do. It is a little overwhelming! Thanks tremendously!

Any other input is so greatly appreciated!

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This is our first time building a pool, but I would give Pearland Pools and Backyard Amenities a call. Both have great reputations in the area (I am in LC too), and both are straight shooters and honest. We ended up using Pearland, and couldn't be happier. I have a thread somewhere on here - New Build - League City. Check it out, and you can see what a "work in progress" by Pearland.

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This is a Backyard Amenities bid. I have very similar items included in my bid such as the $1450 fushion soft salt system and $700 delzone ec2 system.

What did you end up going with and are you happy with your choice?

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