technical difference: balcony vs. deck

ridonkulusNovember 9, 2006


in my town, there is a setback minimum restriction for decks. my question is: what is the difference between a deck and a balcony? would balconies have the same restriction as a deck?

thanks in advance...

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some questions can't be answered here on the forum. you need to go to city hall in your burg, and ask them.


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You will need to check to see if there are any restrictions or differences, but to answer your question...
A deck will have posts and footings (or in the case of a roof deck, be anchored to the roof) and a balcony will hang off of a WALL and be tied to it - WITHOUT posts or footings.

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It is whatever the AHJ says it is.
Call and ask.

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What's the AHJ?

on another topic...awhile back we had an arguement (discussion) on fastening ledgers into masonry. Well, I used the 1/2" Redhead expansion bolts on my last 2 projects, and man...they worked like a charm. Much easier then the lag bolt/shield combo. thanks


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