Pool Auto Fill Too Low

JBHorneJune 17, 2012


First post here. My wife and I just bought a new house with a pool. This is our first pool, so it's been quite a learning experience.

Regarding my issue, the pool level is about 1/2" above the bottom of the tile line. This is just enough to keep the skimmer basket filled and the pump primed. I've been playing with raising the water level, however cannot seem to get it any higher. The vertical auto-fill valve was at it's highest setting. I replaced this with a brass float, however still on the highest setting, the level is still too low. It simply appears that the float connection was installed too low -- obviously an expensive fix. Before a jury rig a longer stem for the float, does anyone else have this issue or any idea what I could try?



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Generally, these have a gross adjustment and a fine adjustment. The gross adjustment is the fact there are two tubes that hold each other and the fine is the fact the outer will also rotate some.

Are there any more clicks up for the outer tube or is it at its top?


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