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tool_foolNovember 24, 2009

I've read that you need an impact driver to screw ipe deck boards down. Even with the predrilling. My question is, has anyone used impact air guns for this? I don't own a cordless impact driver and don't really want to buy one for one deck job. I've got a couple small pneumatic ones.

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Big deferance....major differance. Apples/Oranges differance. J.

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Air drill too strong/fast?

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Man,you just have to drif on over to Makita and pull the trigger on an 18 v impact driver,run one screw with it for you to really know. The JonMon knows after you use that tool one time you will never drive a screw with anything else.

Its more a matter of control. The cool lights that stay on are not bad either J.

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You'll have way more control with a decent cordless. You might be able to funk with the air pressure to get more control, but I doubt it and why go through that kinda headache! Bite the bullet and get a good cordless. You'll end up using it more than just your decking project. Here's some from

Here is a link that might be useful: cordless impacts

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One thing if you get a Makita, get the blue one much better than the weekend warrier brnad. J.

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I used to set my deck screws with a regular cordless drill, and then about 5 years ago, John talked me into getting a Makita impact. Now I couldn't imagine using anything else. I have 3 sets of the 14.4 volt Makita...and recently got a set of 18 volt Li-ion


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I used the Ryobi 18V Impact driver for my 1,000sf Ipe deck and it worked great.


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Off topic but, I read that 1/2" or larger bolts in contact with ACQ lumber can be plain ol' galvanized. I'm wondering if it's worth the extra $ to use stainless carriage bolts because of the ACQ. I wish money was not an object but, it is. I'll go with a Dewalt impact driver, just because I already have Dewalt batteries. I'd like to switch brands because Dewalt is so damn expensive to use. One day...

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Unless your supplier has a very old stock, or you bought 2 years ago, your going to get mcq treated not acq that hardley has any protection in it including labled ground contact. Mcq is so poor regular hot dip glav will work fine in fact they worked fine with acq the whole thing was a scam to sell stainless and cover their ass.

Dewalt is junk far as impacts go if your going to buy one of those you might as well use what you got. J.

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I bought my lumber this past summer but I think the labels say ACQ. Are there any other markings that would indicate exactly what I have? That's a bummer about the Dewalt! The whole cordless tool thing is near as bad as the "stainless vs hdg" thing. $175 for a battery and charger? Rip off! Stainless joist hangers are around $13 a piece for the LU210. HDG ones are $2.50. Simpons website says you CAN'T use stainless fasteners with hdg hardware. Why buy stainless bolts then? Post base, hangers, ties, etc... I never even hear anyone here discussing stainless fasteners or hardware, though I'm sure there is a place for it. I wonder if global warming is a myth too??

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TF, to put it as gentley as possible,,,life is a Bitsheet and then you die,,,,

You just have to keep up ghessssssss. There is no rip off going on just business as usual. Money talks and no body walks. If you have an acq sticker on the end of the boards its acq. Dont even get me strated on why the green mafia outlawed,or caused it to happen, cca.

From my testing the regular hot diped glav fasteners had no problem with acq but the folks were woried it might and that started the whole SS thing. Everybody got a pay raise life is good. Thats business thats progress. Dont shoot the mesenger I dont like it either but latley I have just got used to it.

Cordless tools however are not a "Thing " They are very good inventions,have progressed to the point I will never use anything else they make me money and time and are a joy to use. Its not a real good idea to use old batteries with a new tool for a lot of reasons.

Global warming is not only a mith its total stupid but its a stupid world we live in. JonMon

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