Can anyone help design a 30' x 16' deck?

gillylilyNovember 22, 2009

We are building a house and the builder is including a 16 w x 30 ft. long deck. While it is going to be a nice big deck, we are concerned it is going to look funny as a big rectangle and just looking for a little architectural design to give it a little umph.. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!

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Architectural need to hire an Architect.
Plenty of umph can be had from those boys.

Of course if your looking for Free advise,in advance of course, How high off the ground,what is the grade, what material are you thinking about, what are you going to use the Outdoor Area for, how much money is in for this project and last but by no means least Welcome a board gilly lilly, like what kinda name is that, person.

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A few things that will help determine your design are what style is your home? Where is setting ? What is important to you? Built in benches? Are views off the deck a priority ? If on a lake or a lot with great views it might be designed differently than if on a tighter more urban lot. One might be designed to keep those views more open and the other might focus a bit more on the deck /house itself or back yard ..more inward focused if you will.. You might want built in benches vs spindles. As John noted the materials and budget can affect it greatly. You will see many decks on here refer to using Ipe or other exotic hardwoods. They tend to last much longer but take a bit of research to learn the techniques for building with these materials and finishing them. Details of the handrail you need to consider are if you want wood ( stained or painted) spindles, cable rail ? etc. The decking and pattern of the wood is something else you can consider to make it more interesting. Also whether the deck is all same color or stain or if the band board /trim are painted etc. These details are often keyed off the house details. Id suggest looking at Home Depot , Lowes or bookstore for decking books /magazines and look for examples of what you like and details that fit your preferences. The final part is the structure. That needs to be designed locally to meet local codes. Good Luck

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