Hansgrohe Allegro E faucet with matching soap dispenser?

cookingbuffMarch 9, 2013

I am contemplating getting the Hansgrohe allego E faucet from Costco on sale this month, however I would like a soap dispenser that matches it. Does anyone have a dispenser that matches? Presently I have one from Home Depot and the finish has pitted. It was only about $20. I see one that matches the hansgrohe faucet on amazon but it's $100. Any thoughts??

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I'm bumping this to the top because I have the exact same question. I bought the faucet yesterday!

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Good for you! I was about to buy it online and it's out of stock! It was out of stock in a few days, so I am keeping my eye out for it to come again on sale and buy it that day!

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I have the faucet & soap dispenser, but they won't be installed until the week of 3/25. I can say that the quality feels better than our old Home Depot soap dispenser. We also got the matching beverage dispenser & the Hansgrohe makes the old one look like a toy in comparison! I can't wait! I'll post pictures once it's all in if anyone's still interested.

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So glad to hear that! I would love to see the pictures. Where did you get the faucet and soap dispenser? I am still waiting for Costco to get the faucet back in but maybe I should just get them both together.

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I would like the soap dispenser too! Just bought the faucet at Costco also.

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I have been looking for a soap dispenser to match my already installed Hansgrohe Allegro faucet. They are expensive, but when I was finally ready to order one from an on line seller, I read further that the soap dispenser requires an extension piece in order to fit granite counters. As is, it only works on a counter less than an inch thick. And of course, the on line sellers don`t list this piece. Does anyone know more about this?

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I was just in Costco and they had the faucet in the warehouse but it said the spout swivels to 150 degrees. I think that means that the handle cannot be mounted in the front. Does anyone have one and has mounted it in the front?

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