Can't stay in my pool for very long because....

beanwabrJune 5, 2011

There are always those flying creatures (horsefly, maybe?) that likes to land on your head after circling and buzzing around and it tries to bite you. It is sooo annoying!!

Lately, me as well as my kids have gotten out shortly after getting in because we just get plain tired of either throwing and splashing water up on our heads or ducking down under, waiting for them to go away. I want to be able to enjoy the pool, not fight pests away constantly!

Please, does anyone know what can be done about this? Someone told my hubby to put some tiki torches out; would that do any good? We've been unable to find a nest in any of the trees out back; I don't know what to do. Thanks for any help!

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We use a product called Cutter Backyard Spray (or something like that) for mosquitos, not sure if it would work for horseflys or not, but it would be worth a shot. It works really well for mosquitos for about 6 weeks. It is about ten bucks @ Wallyworld, and you hook it up to your water hose and spray the yard down.

Other than a full screen enclosure, you might need to make friends with them :)

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I've read that some people use badminton racquets to swat them. (It works with wasps and aggressive bumble bees.)

If you don't have an unlimited supply of horseflies you could work out your pent up hostilities toward them and swim when you had taken the most active flies out. Just be careful if you are swimming with other people.

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