New Pool in Central Texas

rc_doggirlJune 13, 2011

I love how so many of you have documented your pool build and solicited advice from forum members. I'd like to do the same and welcome any advice or comments you may have, as we've never done this before.

The process of our pool build is beginning soon. Our HOA has approved the plans and we're awaiting the city permit to begin. We have contracted with Ocean Quest in Austin, TX.

Below are our specifications and computer generated photos. I've requested drawings of the project and will post when I receive them. Again, we appreciate any advice from experienced pool owners out there.

Style: Freeform Design

Size: 30ft. 5in. x 23ft. 2in. x 14ft. 3in.

Pool Area: 500 Sq. Ft.

Pool Perimeter: 90ft. 9in.

Pool Depths: 3ft. 6in. to 5ft. 6in.

-48 Sq. Ft. Tanning Ledge.

-Lights: 2 Low Voltage LED Color Pool Light, Savi Melody.

-Gallonage: 16,830

-Turnover rate: 2.15 hours @ 130 gpm.


Size: 6ft. 0in. x 5ft. 6in. Freeform

Area: 29 Sq. Ft.

Perimeter: 19ft. 0in.

-Low Voltage Color LED Spa Light Below Bench, Savi Melody.

-6 Waterway Therapy Jets.

-Bench @ 18" Below Water Level.

-18" Stone Spillway From Spa.


-#4 rebars tied on 10" on centers throughout entire structure

-Qty. 4 - #4 bars tied continuously to form a box beam.

-Steel Re-Inforced Tanning Ledge.

-Rack Back Beam w/ Steel Reinforcement for Weeping Wall Water Feature.


-Pneumatically applied concrete.

-Dry mix with water added at nozzle.

-12" bond beam

-9" Walls and Floors

-A three step entry to shallow end.

-Qty. 1 Umbrella Sleeve In Tanning Ledge.


-Bonding per electrical code (#8 copper wires).

-Low Voltage Color LED Pool & Spa Lights On GFCI.

-Transformer For Low Voltage Pool Lights.

-200ft. Total Electric Run.

-35ft. Electric Run From Main To Equipment. (Buried In Trench)


-Pentair EasyTouch Control System.

-Interior Mount Control Panel.

-Four Function Spa Side Remote.

-Additional Actuator Valve For Water Feature Control.


-Schedule 40 PVC 2", 1.5" and 1" Plumbing Throughout.

-SDX Main Drains in Pool & Spa.

-Two Surface Skimmers with Equalizer Lines.

-30ft. Plumbing Run To Nearest Pool Skimmer.

-30ft. Plumbing Run To Spa.

-40ft. of 1.5" PVC Plumbing For Water Feature Individual Runs.

-60ft. of 2" PVC Plumbing For Water Feature Main Line.

-30ft. Main Gas Run From Meter To Pool Equipment.

-Qty. 3 Individual Valves For Water Feature Control.

-Qty. 1 Inground Valve Box To Protect/Hide Water Feature Valves.


-Natural Stone Coping w/ Saw Cut Edge Treatment.

-6" Waterline Tile Below Pool Coping

-13ft. Weeping Wall w/ 3 Individual Distribution Points.

-33ft. Boulder Rock Waterline. (Weathered Limestone or Moss Rock)

-35 Sq. Ft. of Stone Spa Veneer.

-55 Sq. Ft. of Pool Shell Underpinning.


-700 Sq. Ft. Sundek Classic Texture.

-244 Sq. Ft. Sundek Overlay on Existing Patio Classic Texture.

-40 Sq. Ft. Turn Down Beam w/ Underpinning.

-15ft. of 4" PVC Conduit For Proper Drainage.

-Concrete Pump Included.


-Pebble Tec Interior Finish.

-Separate Pebble Tec Color Option For Tanning Ledge.

-1" Tile Line Between Pebble Tec Colors.

-Color Coordinated Interior Fittings & Main Drain Covers.


-(1) Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pool & Spa Circulation Pump.

-(1) Pentair Clean & Clear Plus 420 Cartridge Filter.

-400,000 BTU Pentair Master Temp Gas Heater.

-Rainbow 320 In-Line Chlorine Feeder.

--Spectralight Ultraviolet System.

-6 WaterwayTherapy Jets in Spa.

-(2) Low Voltage Color LED Savi Melody Pool Lights.

-(1) Low Voltage Color LED Savi Melody Spa Light.

-Pentair Easy Touch control system w/ Interior Mount Contol Panel.

-Pentair Four Function Spa Side Remote.

-(1)Paramount SDX Main Drain w/ VGB Compliance.

-Polaris 9300 robotic pool cleaner.

-Maintenance Equipment; 4 in 1 test kit, telescoping pole, brush, skimmer net. From Pool Build From Pool Build From Pool Build

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Very nice pool! I live in Round Rock and have been lurking on this board for a few years trying to get the nerve to take the plunge into installing a pool.

May I ask how much your cost?

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Here's a photo of Day 1, June 24.

It is solid rock varying from 6-12 inches below our grass all the way down. The bucket went "thunk" on the first scoop, so out came the hoe ram. My brother lives in Pflugerville and said that it took 5 hours to dig his pool, whereas ours may take 5 days (in west Round Rock). We could probably just skip the gunite and fill it with water after escavation. :-) From Pool Build

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I live on the west side of Round Rock too. We needed a jack hammer to plant some rose bushes so the amount of rock doesn't surprise me - it actually scares me. Thanks for the price info. Gives me an idea of how far our money will go. Really like your plans. How long did it take your HOA to approve it? Are you in a MUD? Did that approval take long?

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When the pool company (Ocean Quest) submitted the plans to the Hidden Glen HOA for approval, two committee members came over to look at the backyard to make sure that the project wouldn't create run off into neighboring yards. We had approval from them in about three days, so they were very quick about it. We're not in a MUD, and city inspectors are a one day turn around.

The hoe ram is really efficient in busting the limestone. He can bust and remove it faster than the trucking company can haul it off.

Here's a photo of progress after two days of excavation: From Pool Build

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amazing how much different soil is in different parts of texas. over here in se texas, my entire pool 18 X 36, 3.5'-7' deep was completely dug with a small bobcat in about 3 hours.

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WOW! And I thought we had a lot of rock with our dig! I love your design plans and I'm looking forward to watching your progress!

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Fast turn around with the HOA. Nice. I'm in Cat Hollow/Brushy Creek MUD area. Cat Hollow HOA is very slow to respond - took months for our patio cover.

Please keep posting your progress. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to dig.

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I wonder if you can save some of those rocks to build a water fall? Just a thought.

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That's a great idea to use the rock in our weeping wall, but in an effort to match the stone on the house, we're going with moss rock rather than limestone.

Day 3 Photos From Pool Build From Pool Build

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That last photo says it all. Gotta love central TX.

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Day 4, January 28 - They took a break on Sunday and began again on Monday, day 4 of construction. Most of the excavation is complete.

Day 4 Photo
From Pool Build

Day 5, January 29 - A lot accomplished today. Excavation was completed. Forms completed. Steel begun. They are ahead of schedule (for now).

Day 5 Photo
From Pool Build

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Holy Cow! You were not kidding when you said you could fill after excavation! Did you post the finished pool? Would love to see how it came out. We just got permits here in central MD and hope to start excavation next week. I hope we don't hit this much rock!

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I would love to see the 'rest of the story'! We are in the Lantana Hills area and expect our excavation to be similar! I want to hear that it eventually worked out!

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