Glossy finish to pre-sealed deck

littlebum2002November 8, 2010


I recently installed a raised cedar deck. I searched DIY forums for days looking for the "perfect" sealant, and found out there isn't one! Every sealant one guy swears buy, another one dismisses. So I made a short list, and used Olympic Maximum cedar-tinted semi transparent sealant, and am very happy with the results.

HOWEVER, I kind of wanted a "glossy" finish to my deck, and olympic maximum is anything but. It is very flat. Is there some kind of top coat I can put on as a bit of extra protection, and to give me that glossy look that will look great, and hopefully help at keeping the deck clean? I'm worried that any top coat I put on will not "stick" on a pre-sealed deck.


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You could try putting a coat of spar uerathane over it, but you could be opening a can of worms. It could peel/flake/crack in a short time, then be really hard to re-finish. I tried it myself years ago on a commercial project cause they wanted a gritty surface because parts of the deck were sloped to match with concrete work, therefore slippery so I added grit into the eurathane. It looked/worked great, but because of the large amount of foot traffic it was wore off in 3-4 months.

Another down side is the stuff is costly, doesn't go as far as most stains & is harder to put on cause it's thick.

The stain/sealer I used was not the same as what you used, it was superdeck which is an easy one coat application that looks good, but just doesn't hold up well here. The GC supplied the stain so that's what I had to use, would not have been my choice which is TWP.

Since you said you were happy with the stain you have I'd advise leave it alone.

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I second Deckman's answer. There are no glossy deck sealers. There are exterior polyurathanes out there, but they are not meant for deck surfaces.

I've used them on some outdoor furniture and it truly looks great, but I have to sand it down and redoo it every year.

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It is possible to have a low gloss finish on an outside project by building coats with twp 100 series that will last 3 years or so.

It requires Work/time. J.

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