Pump location/height to pool

doylineJune 9, 2011

We are building our first pool, the PB raised the level of the equipment pad. He said it was best if the pump was higher than the pool. It looks like it is sitting on a mound. Is this correct?

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Most swimming pool pumps are self priming. They should be placed at a height that allows you to open the pump basket without having pool water freely flowing out.
As you move the pump higher in elevation above the water, it makes the pump work harder and makes it more difficult to prime when you do open the pump lid.
As with any plumbing, the most important numbers include pipe size and distance from the pool. Optimium size plumbing for most standard pools is 2" PVC pipe with the pump placed within 25' of the pool.
I place my pumps on a concrete slab that is about the same elevation as the deck or slightly above the elevation of the landscape immediately around the slab.

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Doyline. to bring up you topic. I also have a slab (concrete pad) question. What size should I go with for a pad. Does anyone know what is standard. What's good. Or enough, but not too large. My side house area is long but these homes are very close together. I have 6 feet in width from my wall to my fence. The PB was going to do a 4 x 6, but I mentioned to please go with 3 x 7. Is that good. Is that too big. Should I do 3 x 6 or what should I do. He is cool with whatever I choose. He doesnt mind going bigger or smaller. No price increase. Whatever I want. But I don't know what I should want. Should I leave extra room.

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Generally, for a filter and a pump and a cleaner booster pump, a 4x4 pad is plenty with the plumbing being slightly outside the pad. Add another 4' if you have a heater.
You will not have a lot of walk space any configuration that is used.

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Little walkway has me worried. But we went with 34" x 78". and plumbing will be out just about 3" more from the pad. It looks huge to me. But that was playing it safe the PB said. For now the extra in length I will use to put a pot or a storage box for chemicals or whatever. I will have about 3' of space left on the pad with future possibilities of a heater, I hope. And from the pad to the fence I will have 38" (a little over 3 feet) to walk and pass a lawn mower. Thanks

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