quilting by hand and being high risk for...

mjjones453February 21, 2012

lymphedema. Do you take extra procautions? Wearing thimbles on the underneath side of fabric?? any one out there with suggestions? I am very frustrated! Mary

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Sorry I don't understand the question. Can you explain a bit more?

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There might be some ideas for you in the attached article.

My dear Mother-in-Law suffered from severe lymphedema - left arm & hand. She would lay her arm on a pillow on the table and try to work from there. Keeping her arm raised to the level of her heart helped a lot to control the swelling although it never completely went away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilting with a Disability

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THank you K8, I will check it out. I had Breast cancer 2 years ago, and since I had radiation and 3 nodes removed,it puts me at high risk for lymphedema. I am supposed to take extra care not to injure my hand and arm. Any thing that can cause infection. No needle pricks, Blood pressure, etc. So quilting by hand has become a huge task, and I will tell you my stiches are not as good as they once were. That is what is bothersome.

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Have you ever seen/heard of "Aunt Becky" metal finger protector for hand quilters? I saw Jean demo this @ a quilt show in LasVegas a few years ago & I bought one. I never quite got the knack, but perhaps I haven't tried hard enough. She sure makes it look easy.

Perhaps this is something that would be helpful? They can be purchased @ Jeans website: http://jeansimpressions.com/
Here's a YouTube video where Jean explains all about it & her technique.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jean explains

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I will second the suggestion for "Aunt Becky."

It seems really weird at first, and it was tough to get used to not feeling the needle, but it really improved my stitch and speed, so it was worth working to get the hang of it.

It seems to me, besides saving your fingertip, it should work even if you have your arm (and the hoop and all) elevated to heart level. I really think it can save on some of the repetitive movement that causes carpal tunnel problems as well.

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I've seen the "Aunt Becky" before and am very interested in it. I just learning to hand quilt and would like to learn a way that will reduce risk of injury in the future and that appears to be a good way. As much typing as I do in my job, I'm surprised I don't have carpel tunnel.


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When i first had my breast cancer surgery,i was told all the cautions to take as well.The lady even went so far as to tell me i wouldn't be able to cross stitch,WTH?? never to garden without gloves,and a host of other don't.I told her the needle for CS is a blunt needle,she didn't get it!!

I didn't stitch for 2 years,not that i was listening to her,but because my arm gave me soooooooooo many problems with the nerve pain etc.I had 17 nodes removed from my right arm and 3 from the left.

I went back to stitching at the end of last year and now do so almost everynight.I just prop pillows under my arms to support them,it works.Someone told me to buy a boppy,those thing women use for when they are feeding their babies.Pillows are working so i'm staying with that for now.

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Last night I tried wrapping my fingers with Masking tape. I didn't mind it at all. I didn't pick my fingers, but I can tell that I will need to be careful not to push the needle to hard. I have used two leather fingers, but they always slip off. I will check out the "Aunt Becky"! Thank you for all the tips. Mary

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