black galaxy granite and pewter antique knob

jo666March 22, 2012

I looked at black galaxy granite and it has gold specks in it. I was wondering if it will clash or not with a silver family knob/pull, stainless appliances, brushed nickle on lighting. Actually I was looking at pewter antique knobs by top knobs. so my 2nd question; is the pewter antique color on the silver side?

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Pewter is in the "silver" family. Antiqued is usually a bit darker than non-antiqued pewter.

Personally, I think the antique pewter will look fine with the black galaxy - as long as the gold flecks are not overpowering (and they should not be in true black galaxy.)

We toyed with that granite as well, but in the end decided the copper flecks would clash with our cherry cabinets. (The black galaxy we saw back in 2008 had a mix of gold & copper flecks. We did not have a problem with the gold, just the copper.) We have pewter pendants, antique iron drawer pulls & door knobs, SS appliances, and satin nickel fixtures - all very similar to your choices and we thought the gold flecks would be fine with our choices.


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thanks for your response, the gold/copper flecks are definitely bothering me... and I feel like I should love it for all the effort and money....
before I go ahead with it I'd like to see if there are any other options in a black countertop. I won't do absolute black because of the marks etc that will show. the other black granites I've seen all have a color in them that I don't want to introduce.
I am just learning about soapstone, when it's dark, I love it... I'm concerned about scratching.
I love the quartz, compared to the price I got on black galaxy, from what I've found it will be a lot more...

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I agree some black galaxy granites have gold even bronze
flecs but I think it would be fine with brushed nickle,
pewter or stainless. There are also some silver flecs
and the right slab could work nicely.

Below are some images of Black Galaxy with stainless
and brushed nickle to give you an idea that it can be
very pretty.

They went with Black as this slab may have had some
strong bronze colors.

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buehl, interesting. I would think the copper would sort of pick up the cherry - no? It looked like the natural cherry we chose looked good with a Cambrian Black we were contemplating, which also has some coppery flecks in it.

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You can buy them straight from the manufacturer. Much cheaper than buying from resellers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cheap Granite Knobs

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