Pantry cabinets surrounding Fridge

queenofmycastle0221March 23, 2013

I have 10 ft of space on this wall is currently setup like above. I met with the contractor this week to choose countertops and tile for the other part of the kitchen. I plan to place two thirty inch pantries coming from the corner and then the fridge, and that leaves 24" that I have been contemplating a broom closet. The broom and vacuum currently lives in the coat closet. I have found pics for the cabinet maker to go by and have a plan for how the outside should look but the inside overwhelms me. Everytime I try to think about what will live inside the spaces, I try to absolutely everything that is in all of the other cabinets in them and then obviously the other cabinets would be empty. One of the pantries should house all of the electrical gadgets as well as my "tupperware" type food storage containers. The other cabinet should house food. I can't figure out the best solution for what the inside should look like. Should I use pull out's or fixed shelving in each one. How about a 24" broom closet? Including trim they will measure 84" high. Also for the cabinet over the fridge, I know I want it full depth but otherwise no thoughts.

Any advice appreciated! I had planned to submit payment for the cabinet maker to start building today but I just can't picture the insides.


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