Convection Oven Emergency

marcia59March 26, 2013

Luckily, the big seder at my house was last night and tonight was just 3 of us. I turned on the oven to roast a chicken and sat down to the seder. Time passed and the oven wasn't heating up. Yup, no gas, no spark. Every so often the igniter dies and has to be replaced to the tune of several hundred dollars. I had a nice chat with the appliances some time ago and explained that they just needed to hang on until the end of June, when we would start the kitchen renovation, but apparently the oven isn't feeling cooperative.

So. We hate to put hundreds of dollars into an oven we're planning on getting rid of in 3 months. OTOH, we broil fish for dinner pretty frequently and use the oven for other things and the microwave plus the toaster oven (things we already have) won't quite cut it.

So I poked around on Amazon and found the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven which is a big toaster oven with convection and broiling. Based on the description and the reviews, it does what we need (mostly broiling fish and baking bread, which can be done in small loaves) and it's $250, which will definitely be less than the repair. Also, we'll be able to use it for the months we're out of the kitchen and into temporary kitchen quarters in the basement.

If you're still with me, this oven seems like an excellent solution to our problem. Is there anything I don't know or that I'm not thinking of that would make this not such a great idea?

I'd love to order it tonight, so quick answers would be much appreciated.

Thank you all!

(Also posting in the Appliance Forum.)

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It's a nice oven. But replacing any igniter is a simple DIY job for around $10 in parts if you want to try to hold on to what you've got a bit longer and not even spend the $250

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I have the delonghi version of the breville.
It got us through our reno. I never tried broiling fish but baked many dinners in it. The ovens are made by 2 different companies but a similar concept.
My delonghi has a place of honor in our pantry and still use it occassionally.
Do you have an outdoor grill to help hold you over?

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I have the cuisinart version and love it. It is cheaper, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cuisinart TOB-195

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I have the Breville and I love it......use it for small stuff all the time. It's a great oven! You won't regret the putchase. You can get it pretty cheap at BB&B if you have a 20% off coupon.

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Breville Smart Oven is terrific! We have the Compact Smart Oven (it's smaller, doesn't have convection), so it's not as useful as a back-up or second oven, but certainly quite useful for its size. We love it!

I was very reluctant to spend the $ on it initially. When the timer knob (?) broke on our second or third replacement Delonghi toaster oven, I looked at every toaster oven out there. Many seemed flimsy (and poorly made), and/or looked too chintzy to leave out on the counter, so I bit the bullet and got the Breville (@BB&B with my coupon!). No regrets (though it would be nice at times to have the larger one).

My parents got one, too when their toaster oven died, because they knew how well-made ours is.

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I bought a smaller, non-convection toaster oven to get us through our reno, even though most meat was grilled, so I do think your idea of having something for the reno is a very good one. It sounds like you will do more with yours, so spending more than $50 may be a good investment for you.

If LWO is right about the parts being so inexpensive and you could do the repair DIY, seems like it would be worth doing both, but I would definitely have something to get you through the reno.

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If you cant live without and actually want a toaster over, then I love our Cuisinart Convection oven which we picked up at costco And it may not be a bad idea if you are going to be without a kitchen for awhile. Othewise I would do the repair.

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