T&G Ipe porch ceiling/ soffit

lisa1205November 3, 2009

Hello all you smart ipe people,

We would like to use 1"x4" T&G ipe for a 3'x12' dropped ceiling/soffit on the (outside) enterance to our house.

My question is how best to install it.

Screw, ss nails w/gun(if even possible)?

If screw, do you do it in the T or the G? I have seen both suggestions on the websites of "good" ipe distributors. Glue no glue?

My next question is whether to have it milled to what someone suggested with a V groove, or installed with a straight edge.

We live in Sothern California and have had great results with our deck- no problems at all.

Any help would be so great.

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I vote for ss screws/const adhesive/fasten thru the T. Screws runing thru the G will crush it. J.

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Thanks John, we can always count on you!
One last pick of your brain.
Milled rounded edge or straight edge? (fron East Teak)

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I am not a big fan of the V in the middle. I do like the round over in the joint just looks refined. Say Hi to the George for me.

If you do go with the screw install be sure the pre drill dosent go past the ipe and into the framing this makes for sloppy fastining. JonMon

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