Too small for 2 LED lights?

gator12112June 20, 2014

Hello all,

We're about to start a small pool at our home. The PB had only 1 LED light in the pool and 1 LED light in the spa. I told him that I really wanted 2 LED lights in the pool and he advised against it but will throw it in the contract if we so wish.

So, the pool itself is 11 x 24 but 6' of the 24' is a sun shelf. The sunshelf will have 3 bubblers but don't think they are color bubblers.

So, my question is...will 2 LED lights be too much? I like brightly lit pools but don't want to look foolish. But again, the PB will throw it in free if we decide that we want it.

Could also try and get him to include color bubblers on the sun shelf and keep the 1 LED in the main pool.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

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We just finished a small pool build a month ago, 10'x26' (6 person spa included in length) a 8'x12' tanning shelf centered in a stunted T shape. One main pool light, one spa light (facing away from the house) no lights on tanning shelf and it is plenty bright enough for us.
Although I was concerned the tanning shelf would be dark it isn't.

Much luck in your choices and more enjoyment when you've finished :)

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Thanks Deborah. I may go with 1 light and the color bubblers. Hate to lose the light since I negotiated it in. He said you can always turn one light off but it won't be centered.

Any other opinions?


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