Surefit Slipcovers

kimberlyrkbApril 18, 2014

Do you have a Surefit cover, and if so, how do you like it? I need to cover a sofa on our 1-season enclosed porch. It would be easier to go the slipcover route than make it myself. Reviews on the Surefit site are mixed. Thanks!

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Elraes Miller

Go to Ikea and look at their tailored slipcovers. They are much nicer and less expensive. Measure your sofa and go with a slipcover that is at least an inch close to sizing. They will show measurements for the entire unit. Usually the back height is where it may be iffy. I've done some pinch sewing to get it right, but easy to do.

Actually, I can't understand why Surefit is getting so high in price, their fabrics are not very wear resistant.

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I found the Surefits were very hard to adjust attractively and pulled out of place if anyone sat on them. I threw all of mine away.

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I tried the stretch slipcovers with separate seat cushions.

With tight-back furniture, the fit is very good. I found that it squeezed my down cushions too much and made them look undersized. But on a wing chair with a firm foam seat cushion I didn't have that problem.

If you are happy enough with the color and hand of the fabric, I think they're great option.

I .

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I purchased slipcovers for a chair and ottoman and they were awful. The fabric was cheap, the seams / sewing was poorly executed and they looked horrible. The old chair looked better without the slipcover! I got rid of them ASAP.

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I too had terrible luck with Surefit slipcovers. They never stayed in place and I had to fix them anytime someone sat on the couch.

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I really like my surefit slipcovers. I get the ones with higher spandex content and those work much better.

I have the stretch suede on the recliner, and the stretch velvet on the loveseat in the home office. The stretch velvet is really plush. I'ts almost attractive, LOL. It actually looks as good as the photo in the brochure.

Tried to upload a photo but I got an error message.

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Oh shoot. I guess the general consensus is that Surefit isn't all that great. Thanks for the feedback. Back to the drawing board....

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