Aunts Embroidery Quilt

kienduFebruary 8, 2013

My aunt is 84... and has been sitting doing hand embroidery on blocks for more years than I know... lots! She asked me to take some of her embroidered blocks and put them together into a quilt. It's not a good pic, was just taken with my cheapy cell.. but you can get the idea. I'm working on #2 for her right now, and the colors are browns and tans and greens.. more my color choices. I'll have to take a better pic of that one so you can see the whole quilt... The work she has into the embroidery is humbling, hand embroidery is becoming a lost art I think? Don't see much of it anymore...

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The embroidery is just beautiful! Your aunt does lovely work. I love how you have done the tiny borders to accentuate the delicate look. I assume this will be a wall hanging??? I imagine many of us will be remembering grandmas, great-grandmas, aunts, etc who used to sit and embroider. TFP

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It is actually a queen size quilt, and has 20 blocks, all different. Just couldn't get a decent pic with that darned cell, so just went for a small area.

I quilted this myself on the machine... I did it section by section, kinda like a rag quilt, Then when I sewed the blocks together (after they were quilted w batting and the backing) I sewed with the seams on the top, then pressed the seams apart and neatly folded each side under and zigzagged the seam down w/a small zigzag stitch. The small "borders" you see are actually the fabric that I had on the back. (pink squares have green backing, and embroidered blocks have a floral) On the next one, I'll take a close up of the sashings/borders. I didn't want to take it to be long arm quilted... I wanted each block to be "fussy" stitched, so I could stitch around her embroidery.. to accent her work. It works for me, and it really does look nice... I was very careful with the folding and tucking and zigzagging.. starched it well so it laid flat while I stitched. Kinda along the lines of the cotton theory method...

Anyway, it's quilted! And she loves it!

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It's beautiful! I do hand embroidery and I'm working on a bluework snowman quilt. There are some of our members that are really talented embroiders and appliquers. But, I do agree that it is not as popular today. Even when I make a quilt for a gift I use my embroidery machine.

I think the way you quilted it really enhances the hand work.

Looking forward to seeing the entire quilt!

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It's lovely...just beautiful!
I have some hand embroidery work my mother did on pillow cases a very long time ago. You've given me some inspiration....
Looking forward to seeing the bigger picture. Thanks for sharing her lovely work...and yours as well!

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Beautiful embroidery and you did a wonderful job of putting it all together. Don't quite understand the how, but worked!

Guess I need some more classes on various methods. As for embroidery I think the last I did, barring a few things on signature quilts, was bibs for my first born who will be 44 very soon! Too bad they're long gone.

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This one brought tears to my eyes. It is beautiful, and oh, so special. I embroider again, after many years of putting it aside. I've been going through my mother's precious little treasures lately and it includes embroidery work that most women her age had about them even in the most modest places like hanging on a kitchen towel rack. Memories of those sorts of things bring a smile to my face because it is such a part of my pleasant childhood. I understand your quilting method, as I do it myself and in fact am working on a quilt using that method now. It's a perfect way to accomplish what you did. I know she's thrilled that you dotted her Is and crossed her Ts. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! That's all I have to say...

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Your quilting technique turned out just wonderful. Your Aunt must be very pleased to see all her long hours of needlework fininshed into the quilt. What a beautiful quilt!

I love to see embroidery work often I see embroidery discarded by the next generations who see no need to hold on to them. I cringe to see a bag or box full of hand embroidery at a yard sale or thrift sad to think all that handwork was unwanted by her family.


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I'm working away on #2 (she needs 5 made) One for each of her daughters, and one for herself. AND, she's giving me 20 blocks so I can make one for myself with my own fabrics I've picked out.

Anyway, I've been taking some pics as I'm going to show how I quilted the whole thing together... then my explanation will make more sense. I'll use my regular camera so you can see the whole thing this next time!

Anyway... just think of it... total of 6 quilts... 20 blocks each... 120 embroidered blocks.. I can't imagine the hours she's put into it. She's been stockpiling them for years and years. It's just fun to get the next group and decide how to quilt around her embroidery on each block.

Thanks for the compliments and encouragement! It makes me anxious to get this next one done so I can show you... AND... with better pics!

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looks good and very nice for someone to have and treasure

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What beautiful embroidery. I follow a blog by Jenny Elefantz who lives in Australia and does hand embroidery. I have done a few of her projects. If anyone is interested I am posting her link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jenny Elefantz

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You did a fantastic job bringing your Aunt's work together. It was a challenge well met. Will be interested in more detail when you are able to post a larger picture and how you assembled the blocks. That sound different and intertesting. TFS

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Kiendu, The quilt is gorgeous! Your aunt's embroidery is awesome! & you did a great job w/the quilting. I can't wait to see your tutorial on the 'how to'. I'm more of a visual or hands on learner, so I'll admit to getting lost in the reading of your directions. LOL
Lucky you! that your aunt is giving you 20 blocks of your own! Nice payment for making the other quilts :) even tho it means more work ;) I hope her daughters will appreciate all the effort put into the quilts by their mother AND you!

Great job!


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