Are you quilting this weekend? Feb.21-23

lindaoh_gwFebruary 20, 2014

I'm posting this early because my DD and her family are coming for the weekend. I plan to spend all my time holding the baby. She is 2 months old and we haven't seen her since Christmas week. Jen sends pictures almost every day but that's not same!
We had another big snowstorm this week, about 6 inches, and now we are in the middle of a thunderstorm. My sun porch is going to flood when all this snow melts. Spring can not get here soon enough for me!
Are you quilting or sewing this weekend?
Linda OH

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Yes, yes, yes. My husband is out of town for two weeks, I have no commitments and we're supposed to get up to 12" of snow over the next 24 hours. Sounds like a quilting weekend for me.

I sewed all the January lotto blocks together last night and washed the border fabric that I bought this week. I'm really starting to love this quilt. I hope to get the top finished this weekend. I still need to find backing fabric.

I bought some WOW fabric to make the PP hearts and the March lotto blocks. Can you believe I've never used any before?

I need to get moving on the monkey appliques. I just haven't felt in the "applique mood" lately.

Lots of projects and a whole weekend to quilt. Yay!!

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Lois, I made the monkey quilt and felt the same way about the applique. It was not hard and went together quickly. I wondered why I waited so long to start it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Peekaboo Monkeys

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OMG Linda, that new baby is 2 months old already?!?!?! I can't believe it!

I'm planning to go to a quilt show on Sat. I need some recharging. I was so looking forward to starting a new project after Celtic Solstice, but working on it last Sunday I just felt blah about it.

So, hopefully Sunday I'll be ready to work on it some more!


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Thanks for the encouragement, Linda. I needed that. Your quilt turned out very cute.

Have fun with your baby granddaughter. I love holding them when they are so little too. They smell so wonderful - usually.

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I've done quite a bit of sewing least for me. I've discovered when DH is out of the house, I sew more. If he's sitting in the living room, I'm sitting with him....which, isn't all bad because we enjoy each other's company, but I don't sew much. Today I have the blocks almost all sewn together for a top (haven't been able to think of the name of it) and have quite a bit of Film at 3 put together. I found some really long white strips laying on my sewing table and can't remember what I needed them for so am afraid to use them......sigh. Yes, I plan to sew this week-end. :-)


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Friday I have an eye exam and know they are gonna' dilate my eyes, so pretty sure I won't sew Friday unless it is very late that night. Hoping Saturday and Sunday to work on my SBS corner blocks "Irish Chain", I have 1 completed and have fabric cut for 3 more. Linda I hope you get lots of enjoyment from holding your grandbaby. I agree with Lois, babies smell so good. One of my nephews is 1 and he is so sweet when comes up to you and wants sugars, he is the youngest, all our babies are growing up. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Best to you,

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i'm hoping to give it a try. the cast came off last week and i have to wear a brace for another week, then i'm home free.

i cut out a bunch of squares to make half sq triangles right before i broke my arm, so i think i will be able to work on those for dd depresion quilt even with the brace.

however, i would give up quilting to hold a grandbaby anyday!

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I plan to get the borders on my Celtic Solstice and my Irish Chain this weekend. Hopefully I can find the time to load a quilt on the frame. I also want to make sure I have plenty of handwork prepped as my husband is having surgery on March 5 and I will be cooped up at the hospital for a few days.


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I'm with Linda... I get to see my new (1 month old) grandson tomorrow. I'll have to fight to hold him since none of my kids nor Great Grandma have seen him yet and will want their turns too!

I have two small projects in the works. One needs four corner blocks and the rest of the border added, and the other is in the beginning cutting stages. I'd like to work on both of these, but I've been 'blah' lately. Staying up late watching the Olympics hasn't helped, and stress over medical stuff adds to it. DH is gone all day Sunday so I'll be home with the kids, so maybe then I can be productive.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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Working on my SBS blocks last week and this weekend. I am making 4 pink/purple Irish Chain 6" blocks for my corner blocks. I have finished the first 2 blocks and will be working on the next matching 2 this weekend.

Best to you,

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Have fun you Grammies that get to hold grandbabies today. Babies are so snuggly and calming to this gramma.

The Geezer and grandson, Bubb, have had to make an emergency trip this morning to northern GA to take, not only tires, but wheels, to the son-in-law, DD and grandgirl who went to the cabin for the week-end. As they traveled through Atlanta, a crate or pallet flew off a truck, hit another car and then got them last night. They limped on the donut tire for a couple hours til they reached their cabin. We're thankful they weren't hurt and there wasn't an accident. But.....wooohoooo, I'm alone all day today and until they get back tomorrow so don't have to think about what to cook and can sew, sew, sew. Yaaaaahoooooo!


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My weekend ended up starting on Friday, inadvertently. Thursday afternoon, evening and night, we had a fairly substantial heavy, wet snowfall, about 10-12", along with driving 30 mpr winds. Then the temp started to fall and it was a mess. We live in an area where we have old overhead power lines and tons of mature trees, so we always have power outages - so many, in fact, that we just installed a new natural gas powered generator that automatically starts up when the electricity goes off. Thursday evening the power went off about 8:00 or so, and our new generator kicked in. I noticed that it sounded like it was running a little unevenly, but at least I had light, heat and flushing toilets. I was quilting away when I heard beeping and a woman's voice. "Warning. Carbon Monoxide." I went down the basement and I could smell exhaust, probably from the generator (which is outside). I immediately called the gas company and my husband who is in Colorado. I opened doors and windows and the snow was being driven into the house. Mike called a friend of ours who began digging out of his driveway so he could come and help me. I bundled up and went to sit and wait out in our solarium which is unheated and separated by a door from the rest of our house. The generator meantime had stopped working (good thing, because I didn't know how to shut it off.) The gas company and our friend Ron got there in about an hour and confirmed that it was the generator and made sure it wouldn't go back on, and I spent a dark, chilly, flushless, and mostly sleepless night. I was mostly bummed that my quilting weekend was turning into a bust. I couldn't get to work because of the 18" snowdrifts in the driveway. But miracle of miracles, the power was restored by 8:30 Friday morning, and the cause of the malfunctioning generator was found to be snow and ice driven into the filter, which caused excessive CO to be present in the exhaust. We do have to do find the leaks into the house and spray insulating foam into them though.

I'm certainly glad I was awake when the power went off. I don't know if I would have heard the downstairs CO alarm if I was asleep. The one outside my bedroom needed new batteries, and we hadn't installed them. Lesson learned. Oh, and you're supposed to replace CO detectors every five years so the gas company tech told me.

I'm feeling pretty damn lucky, and I've been quilting up a storm. I've gotten the top to Peekaboo Monkeys almost done, I made the PP lotto block and the weekend's just beginning. Yahoo!

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You are so lucky, please, please install new batteries now.

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Oh so lucky!! Our regular smoke alarms get new batteries when we change from EST to DST and back again. But I guess everyone does that. Our furnace died about three weeks ago but we were lucky to get it back on in about 13 hours.
As for quilting, I had a little talk with myself this morning and told myself that I could NOT start a new project until I had finished up at least one, better yet, two of the UFO's in the pile. So I checked them all (8) and found one already quilted, just needed binding. So that is done. i have pulled out binding fabrics for the rest and i think maybe 2 will need a border. Fabric for those pulled too. Tomorrow will be another quilty day.
Doesn't it feel good when you finish one up???

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Lois glad you are ok, you were sure lucky to hear the alarm go off.

Best to you,

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Lois, So very glad you're ok. I hate being flushless! Having the generator come on automatically is a cool thing, though.


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