Pour-A-Lid question...material depth

banana_fannaJune 15, 2011

I think someone here had travertine cut to fit their Pour-A-Lids.

My deck is concrete pavers. They're approx 2.5" thick. I'm hoping my paver guy can 'slim them down' so they'll somehow fit in a Pour-A-Lid.

Before I purchase the lids, can this be done?

Anybody know how deep the 'trough' is in the lid that the material is poured or the paver is laid? Can't find this info on their site.


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we use them a bunch in the field, but I cant picture how deeep they are. I believe they will fit just fine.

If not, almost every supplier of travertine will sell the exact stone, but in a thin tile that you can mortar set.
You can always do a stone lid without using a pour-a-lid...just have them leave an interior lip above the skimmer opening, and cut a thick paver perfectly to size with some finger holes or notches on the outer perimeter of the lid.

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Thanks natural one...
Your information was correct. I finally got in touch with someone at the company and the depth of the trough is 1 and 5/8 inches.

Thanks, again.

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