Wood Deck over concrete slab..Photos

alteritNovember 27, 2008

First time using photos..

I am doing major renovation and they tore up my wood deck. They are replacing it with 2 slabs of concrete. I don't have budget right now for new wood deck. Can I build a deck over the concrete? Any ideas on what would look good?

I did a lot of entertaining out there and will miss being up higher than the ground. We are in Florida.

http://picasaweb.google.com/alterdesigns/OldWoodDeckHousePhotosPVBlvd#5273382765302035362 From Old Wood Deck House Photos PV Blvd From Old Wood Deck House Photos PV Blvd

From Old Wood Deck House Photos PV Blvd

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You can easily build a wood deck over an existing concrete patio.
All you need is a good carpenter or some mechanical aptitude, woodworking tools, and you could do it yourself.

See ya,

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Why are they pouring 2 concrete slabs? what was the condition of the existing deck? Not getting it, why not just build a new deck, but if you diy, make sure you know local codes and safe deck building practices! There's more to it than that concerning proper flashing teqniques if attached to the house so water wont get behind the rim board and cause rot....many other things you will need to know, but most important is safety.

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They had to take off the deck to put on the addition to the house. The Deck was not in good shape. The photos are 5 years old.
Apparently Building a new wood deck is more expensive than putting down a concrete patio deck.

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What finish did you use on the timber?

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wont the wood over concrete hold water and bugs

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We have a wood deck over a concrete pad by our kitchen door and it works fine. We have an unusual situation because that area gets a LOT of run-off from uphill and across the driveway, all of which drains under the deck and into the back yard. The builder sloped both sides of the concrete slightly toward center so it channels the water there. We used garrapa wood (ipe was too expensive at that time because the Chinese were buying it all for Olympics construction). We did not paint or seal it, so it has weathered to grey, but shows no sign of deteriorating after 3 years.

You do have to put the deck on 4x4 legs and raise it enough to allow air to circulate under it.

Hope you get your deck back!

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