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nannykinsFebruary 13, 2013

I know there was a discussion in an earlier post about how much we should be sending to Valarie with our entries. The question was $1 per package or $1 per block. The final consensus was for $1 per package.
So the January blocks arrived today and I was dumbfounded at the cost of the postage V. paid. Granted mail to Canada is more expensive and she did insure the parcel for safety's sake BUT... no co-ordinator should be out of pocket for taking on that task.
I am quite willing to send $1 per block, otherwise she will have to take on an extra job just to pay mailing costs.
Any comments.
PS. The blocks are lovely and I am deciding how to set them. Thanks Ladies.

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I can't remember, what was the reason each person didn't send the blocks they made to the winner?


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That is a good question Sharon.
Why don't we make the block(s) and post a picture here and then after the winner is chosen, we send the block(s) to the winner. USPS certainly increased the international postal charges. A small Flat Rate Box is now 19.95 to Canada. Not sure what the increase was for domestic.


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I don't know. Isn't it better (and cheaper) to ship them all at once, and only one person's address needs to be known. I kind of liked the clearinghouse idea. It was fun getting all of the blocks at once!

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Thanks for the post and Canadians winners are pricey! But... here's my thoughts...the $'s may balance out over the course of the year. I told my lotto partner I'd keep an accounting of each month and we'll see how it goes. It costs everyone to send them to me, it is fun to post a group shot of all the blocks, and for the winner, it's got to be easier to have them arrive all at once!
I appreciate the thought, but I'm good for the year...if it gets outrageous...I'll let ya'll know via a post....I'm enjoying the lotto and hope everyone continues to participate!
Keep sending those blocks!

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I suppose one month you might receive $10 in total but in other months it might be closer to $20. If no one minds wrinkled blocks, you can stuff a lot of fabric into a flatrate box or envelope.

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The "clearinghouse" plan is mainly to control what blocks are made and whose name goes into the lotto plot. If each sent them, its hard to make sure they all get there and a lot more work. This is working so no reason to change it. I think the dollars will even out over time and some of us add a little extra to her pot now and then.

If anyone wants to change the system for next year, keep your thoughts and we can figure it out in December.

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It ebbs and flows........There were months when I organised it that I had a little overage, and others when I got into my own purse to make up the postage difference. I kept a little ledger too with the figures and when I turned it was basically a wash with no funds to forward. It's all a matter of how many participants engage in the lotto. You could get anything from $8 to $24 postage monies on a lotto with 24 blocks, depending on whether you had eight participants with three submissions or twenty four with one submission. Yes, anything not domestic is pricier....I sent a full-sized quilt two months ago, fully batted and insured for $14.80 via parcel post clear across the country, and spent just as much sending a calendar to England even with flat rates. I'd fully understand if an organiser would have to raise the ante to cover postage, it's certainly legitimate if it comes to that. We've had the discussion before about sending directly to the winners and came to the conclusion that even with the best of intentions, that unless a deadlilne were made about when blocks needed to arrive for the drawing some won't before the fact. An organiser can disqualify if she wants blocks that don't. A recipient, however, it at the mercy of those who promised to send blocks. You can see how just a few instances of this happening will sour out a lot of participants. It also protects privacy. Not a big issue to some........a big issue to others.

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Thanks for your answers.
I just don't want anyone going in debt for mailing. And I do think the "clearinghouse" idea is better than individual mailings to the winner.

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US Postage has increased several times since I started playing the Lotto and the Lotto amount to send has stayed at $1.00 a pkg.
Freight / shipping costs are a huge issue in my business and a sensitive one as well.
I suggest we all send a bit more money each month with our entries, if you are able. Times are tough, and people are on strict budgets, so if you are comfortable, include an extra $1.00 or 2. This will help catch up the money pot for sending to the winner. Strictly voluntary. The key is to keep everyone playing and sending blocks and having a good time sharing with all our forum friends. I always love it when I get blocks from Canada and Australia &I think Great Britain one time .

This should be our GW Lotto Motto-quoting toolgranny~

"Think like a winner. What would you want it to look like in YOUR quilt?"

Thanks again Linda and Val

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That's a good way to look at it.

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