Cost of Pebble Sheen vs Pebble Tec?

metalmachineryJune 4, 2007

Im a 2-3weeks out from interior finish on new pool, signed contract for pebbletec. today we went to see & feel a completed pool with P-Tec and its much too rough for me & the kids. PB is quoting $5500 *additional* for sheen...seems pricy. Asked him to sharpen the pencil some or give me plaster.

has anybody recently upgraded to sheen and know the cost dif? pool is 35X16 w/spa 3-8'deep.

Also, any recommendations for high end plaster would be appreciated? Thanks in advance

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We upgraded from fina to sheen for $3800 on our 501 sq ft/17000 gallon pool.

Your quote seems really high.

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$700 upgrade 450sq ft.

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$3000 upgrade from plaster, we had a choice of pebble tec or pebble sheen for this price. We chose white diamond sheen.

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We just did a remodel and the color is what determined the price not the finish (not sure about fina). There was a recent post about this, because I responded, I think it was last week, do a search. We did Tahoe Blue tec, but there were several designer colors and finishes to chose from. Our pool is 14,000 gallons, no hot tub area and it was $5500. Did your pool quote include a basic finish? If so, the pebble finish should be an upgrade fee. Your pebble quote seems high if your already contracted for plaster.

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I think you did the right thing asking him to sharpen his pencil. A little advise to those who are getting bids ask for upgrade quotes on the initial proposal so you are not taken advantage of after you have a contract. I always include what the upgrades cost upfront so no one thinks they are being taken advantage of.

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My quote was 5 - 6K (lightest to darkest color) pebble tec and 6 - 7k for pebble sheen, so roughly 1k difference for the upgrade in same color range. I am in California and the quote was from Jaguar Pools. Waiting for Baron Pools to come tomorrow.

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I did an OB build in CA last year - and put in highest color grade pebblesheen for my 90 foot perimeter, 340 square foot pool for $5000 total (not an upgrade cost)...I think an upgrade cost like that is way too high! I would think it should be no more than $1-2k as an upgrade cost (from basic pebble to upgraded color sheen).

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Nice conincidence with this thread---

Was planning to get light grey plaster this week, PB was strongly against it due to mottling---had some other PB problems, so he offered upgrade to P. Sheen for the cost of P. Tech. --- about $6k for 22000 gals-- Cat 1 color-- Blue granite. Don't easily have the money, but may be an offer I can't refuse--- I currently plan to be in this house forever-- so longevity could pay off.

What ya'll think?

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cdclw - go for it. One of my estimates shows Blue Granite as a CAT2 color, so you may be getting an even better deal depending on who you talk to. Since you plan on staying there a while, you'll spare yourself the "shoulda done it" curse that will come down the road.

jennifer - where in Cali are you and do you mind sharing who did your PS? If so were you pleased with the work?


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Livinwell -- I'm in San Diego, if you are there..

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Our pool is 14 x 28, plus another 10' x 5' of sunshelf and a spa (6' maybe?). The cost to upgrade to Sheen was $800, but we didn't care for the smaller pebbles and stayed with Tec. We used Tropical Breeze, which was on the highest tier price wise. The $800 would have been a parallel move to the same level of Pebble Sheen, in this case Prism Blue.

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scrapula --- what was the total?

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I'm in the SF bay area (east bay) - and Adams from Modesto installed my Pebblesheen (they were easier to work with for us than the branch in Pleasanton)...I was pleased with the install with one exception. Our pool lost most of the grout along with waterline. Adams said if our tile had been properly installed this would not be an issue...our tile guy said that Adams is at fault...11 months later and I still am missing a lot of grout. Beyond that the sheen install itself looks great and is pretty smooth and all of our step markers were well revealed. We have the Prism Blue sheen and are very happy with it!

Honestly - I think the missing grout was the tile installers fault. I was injured and not able to supervise closely during that phase of our build (so I couldn't get out to the pool for a close up view) and although the owner is supposed to do excellent work (I'd seen many pools before we hired him) he had other guys working on it and our tile job was by far the worst I've seen on any pool his company worked on. Upsetting to me - but I'm trying to move on.

I'd use that branch of Adams again.

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I happen to have my quote handy. Background info, I live in Phoenix, AZ & am doing a pool remodel. My contract shows the pool at 85ft peri & 900 internal (I think they are off on the depth though).

Plaster, pool only: $3485
Pebble Tec, pool only: $5625
Pebble Sheen, pool only: $6570
Wet Edge Tech Pearl Matrix, pool only: 5775
Stonescapes reg, pool only: $4889.50
Stonescapes mini, pool only: $5571.70 (ended up getting it at $5171)

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Sounds like I will do pebble-sheen vs the plaster, hopefully worth the money in the end. I can just feed the kids hot dogs and beans this summer to make up the price diff--- they'll be too busy swimming to eat anyway...

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cdclw - have you looked into Pebblefina? Supposed to have the same longevity as SheenTec (same company), but it's significantly cheaper.

Who's your builder? (the local pebble installers are Gardner pool, so they'll probably do the work)

For comparison, if memory serves, I was quoted the following upcharges from white plaster on a 45 by 12.5 foot pool (these numbers may vary by a hundred or two, but it'll give you an idea):

Colored plaster - $600
3M Colorquartz - $1,500 for group 1, $2300 for Group 2
PebbleTec - ca. $5K
Pebblesheen - ca. $7K
Pebblefina - $3,400

We went with the Bella blue Pebblefina and are *very* pleased for smooth surface, sparkles, longevity and relatively reasonable price.

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We just moved from Pleasanton to Austin. Pools are $$ here.
I was quoted 3k(tec)to 4k(sheen) for upgrade from plaster.
I've heard differing opinions on which is rougher on kids feet.I've heard plaster is like fine sandpaper on feet where the "sheen" is like smooth little pebbles.
Jennifer, any more comments on how smooth the sheen is, how close is the water color to what you expected, etc.
Thanks, Rich

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cdclw, our cost for Tropical Breeze was $4,800. Level I Pebble Tec was $3,200.

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Thanks all for the info -- went with Sheen and Tec on VE trough

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We recently renovated and were quoted the same price for Tec or Sheen. The level 1 colors were about a $3,000 upgrade from basic white plaster. We chose Tahoe Blue Tec and added the abalone shells. We LOVE the "new" pool!

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cdclw, if you dont mind me asking... who are you working with? I'm in the san diego area as well.

so far ive had 2 ppl come out... and I got a quote for 6500-6800 for 3m.

Also, does anyone know why retiling is so expensive? We had them quote on 5 different tiles that we were interested in and they all came in at 2900+, for a 90 sq ft area.

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Hael, Ouch! That's for one row or two? I also had about 90 ft of tile replaced, had a mosaic thing & switched to one row of 6x6 & it was roughly 1k. If I were to replace the coping tile that was about another 1k.

I strongly considered hiring out my job myself. I mean the pool co's sub-contract, why couldn't I. :) I chickened out though.

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fauxnecian, its one row for a good majority and then goes to 2, but thats a only about a third of the pool.

I had the last contractor tell me that it was really expensive because of comp insurance and private insurance. Dont know whether to believe that or not though.

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Hael -- appears Gardner plaster does almost all of the Pebble products in San Diego---- major PBs all use them it seems, I would trying going direct. I have a few people tell me that more folks are offering sheen at very close to tec prices.

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yes, as i posted before, Gardner are the only pebble folk in town. You might also want to look into Pebblefina, they do that as well - cheaper and smoother than the other products.

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Look into Quartz. we whent with quartz not only because of price it was much smoother than Sheen.It's in between smooth plaster and sheen. really love the color tahoe blue. PB sucked through don't use Sunstone from Antioch.

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Thanks for all the feedback, PB came down on price from $5k to $3k to upgrade from TEC to SHEEN in premium color. this is in addition to cost of pebbletec in intital contract. Still seems like the price should be $1-$2k from what Ive read here. I guess a grand more being in so calif is to be expected. thanks again

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You should not pay any more for PebbleSheen over PebbleTec. The cost for your pool bulider is exactly the doesn't cost him/her any more. Many pool builders use the "smoother" texture of the sheen as an upsell because they know many of their pool buyers will not want the rougher texture of PebbleTec. My quote to go from basic Plaster to PebbleTec or PebbleSheen is $4000. That is in a 36'x18' pool with a raised spa and depth of 3.5' to 7'. I could save about $600.00 on that if my depth was reduced to 6.5'. I am actually thinking of using Wet Edge's Primera Stone. My bulider is going to give it to me for the same price.Color Selections are not as abundant, but there is one there they we really like. The benefit of Primera Stone is that it is an aggregate material completely polished down to be as smooth as plaster. I have a 3 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old...I want them to use this pool considering the investment, so I want to make sure they have no excuse like "the pool hurts my feet" to keep them out. Ask your builder about this product. Their warranty is 10 years, better than that of PebbleTec. Comapny was actually started by two individuals who used to work for PebbleTec.

Good Luck

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If your kids are like most kids, you won't need to make them use the pool. You'll have a harder time keeping them out!

The warranty is only as good as the company who stands behind it. My Pebble Tec warranty is lifetime. There are only two Pebble Tec installation companies in the Tampa area, so hopefully they will be in business a long time.

I've never heard any complaints of roughness or hurt feet. Most people swimming in my pool remark at the smooth texture, because they think it will be rough. Everything is smooth, just like a polished stone. It is bumpy, not rough.

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OK, thanks- I'll try Gardner as well.

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i am also contracted for pebbletec although i have never actually been in a pebbletec pool. all the other estimates i got were for a standard plaster, 3m quartz, or diamondbrite. i was told the pebbletec was an upgrade over these. my builder says the pebbletec is not rough. i guess i should try and find a pebbletec pool and if its not right then ask for pebblesheen. are most people happy with the feel of pebbletec? i think in florida its a lifetime warranty.

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I worked at paddock and shasta. pebble tec/ pebble sheen is just a name brand overpriced pebble.The most important vital part is the interior installation. Use a company with at least 10 years interior pebble install. The Lifetime warranty should of fooled you. Does anything have a lifetime warranty!

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I need to resurface my "natural look" concrete pool (dark grey when filled)
Should I change to pebble tech surface - or what can be sprayed over?
What should I expect in cost for 4-10ft deep 60x30

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Our PB has quoted us the same price for PebbleTec vs. PebbleSheen. Also, he did not give us a range for color...any color will cost us the same. Our upgrade price was $2400 from white plaster for 24' by 38' pool, with depth ranging from 3'6" to 8'6". We are in the Dallas area. Hope this helps!

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My kids swam in a 2 yr old pebble tech pool yesterday and came home with bloody toes. No problem for a brief dip, but rough on feet if playing in pool for any length of time

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