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dub_oulJune 2, 2011

I have been trying to find financing for a pool.All the banks here Florida want equity in my home and I don't have that.I see companies online that do unsecured loans.Does anybody have any suggestions or experience with this?

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When you call the bank ask if they offer a home improvement loan, not a home equity loan. Some have gotten away from this, but many do still offer it. That is the way most are done if there is not alot of equity in the home. You will normally have to pay closing costs on this type of loan though.

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An unsecured loan is basically a CC cash advance. Expect the interest rate to be in the low teens. How much are you planning on spending on the pool? How much cash do you have available to put towards it?

Your not going to like what I'm about to say, but if you have no or little equity in your home and no or little cash on hand is a pool really a good idea at this time for you?

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We were financed thru Capital Bank (TX) with a home improvement loan, it did require a certain % of equity, but they added the value of the pool to the market value of our home to determine our equity position. We ended up getting 6.75% interest, with no closing costs. We were referred to them by one of the builders we interviewed.

Another option to look at is Lyons Financial. They also approved us, and until we found this other place, we were going with them. They have a similar package, but carried an 8.75% rate, plus about $2K in closing costs. Not a great option, but if you really want a pool, it may work out.

Good Luck!

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