Benjamin Moore Subtle, Jicama, Palace White?

pumpkin_spiceApril 5, 2011

Hi everyone, I need help picking a color for my main living area. I currently have Tobacco Road in there and it's a beautiful color, but I get very little natural light and it's feeling dark and heavy to me. I'm hoping a lighter color will help. I want to find a color that's creamy, warm and happy but doesn't scream YELLOW.

This is a large area, with 12-foot ceilings, so there's going to be a lot of whatever color I choose. I've painted the 3 colors I've listed above onto poster boards. Subtle and PW seem almost too light, but in such a big room I'm wondering if the color will intensify. Jicama is beautiful but I fear will be too much yellow on the walls.

Does anyone have these colors who could share photos with me? Or maybe a color in a similar vein? I've looked at SW Ivoire and Blonde and they're too yellow for me. But I want SOME definition, I want the color to pop out from white trim.

Thanks for any help!

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Here's Palace White - with artificial light first and natural light second

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Thank you. It's beautiful in your home. Do you know what color the trim is? When I hold PW up to my trim I see little contrast, but maybe I need a brighter white.

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Our trim is all Benjamin Moore semi gloss base white - no colorant added. Your trim would have to have a LOT of color to not stand out against Palace White - it's probably an optical illusion and because you are only looking at small pieces of trim against your paint samples.

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Have you looked at Benjamin Moore Rich Cream? It's a really beautiful tone. I'm sure you'll turn up several photos if you search this site, or just try Google images.

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I was at a home remodel showcase this weekend and there was a beautiful color called applesauce that was a Hirschfield's color. It was so soft and not at all super yellow. I'm sorry I don't have a picture. I'm going to try it in my own house soon.

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I considered Jicama for a room I was doing but went with something totally different. Let me warn you that the colors from BM Affinity collection ,which subtle and jicama are part of really intensify on the wall. I have several of the affinity colors in my house.

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I'm liking the look of Palace White and Rich Cream so far. I also came across Almond Bisque and Filtered Sunlight. I'm afraid FS might be too pastel for a big living area though.

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I painted my den Jicama last year and love it. It is a soft creamy yellow but not a loud, bright yellow. I work full-time and don't have much time to take pictures of my house, but when I was considering the color I googled a picture of BM Jicama that is on the "Rejuvenation Projects Blog" and it looks in that room (with white columns) similar to how it looks in my room.

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We used Benjamin Moore Windswept in our living room and really like it there.(looks slightly different in this pic) However, did not care for it when trying it in a bedroom that has a different makes such a difference.

Here's a pic of Windswept:

I also tried Jicama in a bedroom, but did come out stronger than I expected so did not use.Pottery Barn uses it in 1 of our local stores and it looks beautiful there! (which is why I'd sampled it)

I'm liking the Palace White too and have heard good things about this color.

Good luck!

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Jicama is really quite yellow. No doubt about it. I mean, its gorgeous, but if you don't want yellow....

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I have Filtered Sunlight in my foyer and have never liked it. It's on my list to paint, but hoping I can convince DH to put up chair rail and picture frame molding first. It is yellow. A pale yellow, but still yellow. If you don't want yellow, I would not use Filtered Sunlight.

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I have BM Bone White in my downstairs room with BM Semi-Gloss White trim and there is a nice contrast and I love the warm peaceful color that is very close to BM Palace White that I almost chose and may choose when I repaint my Master Bedroom since I love the way it looks in every picture I have seen so far. BM Palace White had a touch more gold or yellow in my paint sample and was a touch darker than BM Bone White but they both are not white.

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Thank you everyone for your input. So far I've eliminated Jicama and Filtered Sunlight. Still liking the Palace White. Why is picking a cream shade so hard!

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I love Palace...

Lisa...gorgeous room!

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hi Lisa, I love your room and the pic of windswept. we have a mostly southern exposure. maybe with a bit of western too.
which exposure is the room you pictured above? also, what is the undertone in the windswept in the room you have pictured? is it cream? yellow? peach? thanks!

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Palace White reads yellow up in my daughter's bedroom. I can see both her and her sister's room (Standish White) from the upstairs hall and both look yellow-Standish more so than Palace. Since your room is large with high ceilings it might not come off as yellow, but to be safe, I'd choose a different color. BM Bone comes to mind. Also, check out BM Blanced almond.

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I agree with Boniieann925 that BM Bone White is a very close match to BM Palace White but the Bone White is more neutral and slightly lighter with less gold/yellow. Both are nice and creamy and go great with BM Semi-gloss white trim. I will look for pictures to post when I get some sleep. The Palace White may also me nice since I love every picture it is in. I would paint two foam boards both of these colors and any other color you think you would like and move them around the room and then put then against white trim.

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Take a look at an old Benjamin Moore color called "Featherbed"-the code for it is CC-928.
I think of it as the perfect non-yellow yellow. It's creamy and bright and looks good against most varieties of
white trim but it doesn't really look yellow. I have had it in 3 houses. It gets lost in the shuffle because it reads pretty "eh" on the chip but most people who paint a room yellow end up wishing the color was way less intense and Featherbed is what they wished the color looked like.

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trk65, please share a picture of BM Featherbed since I wanted to change my Master Bathroom BM Navajo White color with white trim to be a little darker and I have to repaint the room anyway since the painter did such a bad job.

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I just found a post from 2008 where the cabinets are BM Featherbed. The color looks very much like BM Bone White which is what I wish I painted that bathroom but even if i did I would have to repaint it since the painter put the 2nd coat on the wall before the first coat was dry and it looks terrible and he has drips down the wall. I have lived like this now for a few years and I have had enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Featherbed cabinets that are so nice! See contrast with white.

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My front hall and the hall down the steps is subtle...and I LOVE IT.

Natural light in summer:

Natural light with no leaves on the trees:

Natural light with no leaves on the trees and from a different angle:

I wish I had better pictures...

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have Plantation Beige by Duron but SW bought Duron and have all of their formulas so you can still get it. It's gorgeous. Porter's Sea Sand is similar but I think that Plantation Beige has a little something extra. Reads Yellow but only in a suggested way, not in your face yellow. Will try to get some photos for you but I'm so photo upload challenged!!!

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