Pebble Tec or Pebble Sheen too hard for kids' feet? Coping ? too

upsideofdownJune 19, 2010

A different PB, not our own, told us that Pebble Tec would be too rough for our kids' feet. We have a 2, 4, and 8 yr old. Any parents out there w/ Pebble Tec experience this? Is Pebble Sheen an alternative? Our PB gave us option of Pebble Tec or Sunstone products - any experience?

Also, we looked at patio rock today to use as coping - Oklahoma stone primarily. We liked the chocolate/gold, but it has a lot of black. Someone mentioned this might not be a good choice because it will get too hot to sit/stand on. Anyone else have darker colored coping and does it get too hot? We are in Austin, TX. and we do have majority shade in back yard all day.

Thanks for inputs!

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There are different varieties of Pebble Pebble Sheen or Pebble Fina. Pebble Sheen is not very rough on the feet, whereas Pebble Tec might be. Pebble Sheen is an excellent product. You shouldn't be looking at patio rock for your coping. You need a thickness of about 1-1/2" on your coping. Patio rock is not suitable for pool coping. "oklahoma" comes in different varieties...light, medium and dark. If you see a lot of black, you are probably looking at a mix or the dark. The stone comes out of the mines looking differently depending on the vein they are mining. Different stone yards bring in rock from a variety of places. If the stone yard has "Cheyenne", look at that one. It tends to be a lighter mix. All stone gets hot in the direct sun. A little black, though, won't make a world of difference.

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Upside, we have had two pools. The first one was Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec and our current one is Aqua Blue Pebble Sheen. The Pebble Sheen is smoother and easier on the feet. Keep in mind though that even Pebble Sheen will be rough on the kids feet after they have been in the water for a while. We took it a step further and tiled the surface of our large baja step. It was a little more expensive, but makes a big difference. Good luck,

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We are working on getting our second pool. The first pool was white plaster and several neighbors had PebbleTec. The kids always came out of their pools with a bit of foot/elbow/knee rash. This was with multiple installations of PebbleTec so this was normal for the finish. No one had Sheen or Fina so I'm not sure what that would have been like.

When the kids used our pool they were less susceptible to skin removal but an occasional abrasion still occured. Remember PebbleTec feels pretty smooth when you first get in, but swimming for kids goes on for hours until someone falls asleep standing up or the parents get worn out watching them.

We will be doing PebbleFina this time since it is the closest to plaster with an extended life. The days of the marathon kid swims are probably over but sometimes we regress a bit and like to prune up like anyone else. Tec and Sheen just wouldn't be our thing.

We had one PB quote us Hydrazzo. He claimed that it was the least abrasive surface. Its polished marble aggregate. Anyone have any experience with this?

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We have Pebble Sheen and love it, both for texture and looks. It's similar to the texture of a basketball. Kids can play water volley all day with no problems. It's really a matter of preference.

Our Oklahoma coping does get hot, yet not an issue when wet. See if your builder will take you to see some pools to compare different textures/looks.

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I can second ladyanglertx. The texture of a basketball/football is exactly how I describe our pebble sheen to people.

Haven't really had older kids in it yet, but I don't think it would be too rough for them.

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Marble isn't a particularly hard mineral. Most of the other exposed aggregates have less marble. The harder materials are more resistant to permanent staining, last longer, and offer a totally different color and variety of finish to a pool.


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We have pebble sheen and are SO happy with it. Kids live in the pool and haven't seen a raw toe yet this summer.

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We had a pool built last year and chose a Pebble Tec finish. I am now so sorry we did. I wish we'd saved the $$$ and had just gone for the old fashioned plaster finish.

I'm 62 and use the pool for aqua exercises for my arthritis, and part of my routine is to walk MANY steps back and forth in the pool. The first few days I did this, the bottoms of my feet ended up RAW. At first I didn't make the connection. But finally on about the 3rd day, I realized it was from the surface of the pool. My feet were so sore I could hardly walk on them. My feet are not that sensitive. I walk around barefoot all day when I'm home.

I now wear either water shoes or mesh shower shoes in the pool. I thought maybe I could "toughen up" the bottoms of my feet, but the few times I've tried to go in barefoot since the beginning, I can feel the irritation, and end up putting my shoes back on.

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Kids are in the pool at least 4 hours a day and no problems with our pebblesheen. We love it.

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Unless the pool surface is covered in tile, any other finish be in traditional plaster, pebble tech, sheen, etc. will be abrasive to feet. Think about it, what would your bare feet look like if you were playing on a concrete patio, playground, etc. for an extended time? The pool surface isn't much different except now your feet are hydrated and more susceptible to the abrasive surface.

Pebble sheen is probably the easiest on feet simply because of the acid wash and polish. This exposes more smooth stones and gets rid of any protruding plaster. That said, I always suggest wearing aqua socks/shoes when in a pool to lessen the wear/tear on tender feet.


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Thanks everyone for all of your feedback! We've decided on Sunstone Pearl finish (comparable to Pebble Sheen) in Black Pearl color.

The gunite will be done tomorrow, then coping/tile, but cannot do the Pebble finish until the 16th since we'll be on vacation a few of those days :(

Can't wait!

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Yours is done, but for others, I'll add that we got pebble sheen and have had zero issues with sore feet. I think some of it has to do with the crew who does the finish.

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Hi upsideofdown,

I realize this thread is a couple of years old and you may no longer be looking at it, but if you are, we'd love to see pictures of your Sunstone Pearl-Black Pearl pebble finish or otherwise hear what you think about it! My wife and I also live in Austin and are considering this for our pool.


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neelice, I agree. Both may not be too hard on kids feet, but they are swimming, jumping in horsing around and their feet don't spend as much time on the surface. When doing water aerobics or walking it is a different story!
We originally had marcite which I loved because of smooth finish. Then Diamond Brite, which was beautiful, but as it started to wear it got too rough for my feet.
The marcite lasted about 17-18 yrs and Diamond Brite 15-16.
Now we I decided to resurface with Pebble Fina, for my feet's sake.

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