Could you review my Ikea plan? : )

chinchetteMarch 7, 2013

The cabinets will all be white. The room shape is actually not rectangle but I couldn't draw it right. Its got a garage door near the pantry and the room is a bit wedge shaped. The wall across from this view is angled and gets thinner at the garage end, wider at the peninsula.
There is a doorway into the living room about 4.5 ft from the end of the peninsula.

Wow I see that the photo is tiny. So for more info, the range wall is 14.6 feet. The peninsula has a sink base, then a dishwasher to the left, and a 12 inch trash pull out on the end. There will be a blind cabinet in the corner as there is plumbing there. There will be fillers in the corner for clearance.

I put this pony wall in behind the peninsula, but it is coming pretty close to the door way to the bedrooms. However, that wall on the left doesn't exist. Its a small breakfast room.

So I have a bit of a back and forth on if there should be a pony wall that is raised up a little bit which guards spills from the sink, and hides dishes from the breakfast room. But may make things look smaller.

I had an idea to move the peninsula inwards a bit and that brings it away from the doorway, but I sort of think the kitchen needs all it can get, and doing that would kill some symmetry. The bottom cabinets are 30 inches and 15 inches. The top are 36".

This is a lot of breathing room for the hood. Its 8.5 inches on either side after putting on the side panels on the uppers.

All thoughts are appreciated!!

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I found the best way to post ikea plans here for feedback is to print screen them into paint, then crop and upload as a JPG file. It will be larger and easier for others to provide feedback.

Where is your fridge? Is your DW in the corner to the right of the sink?

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Could you draw up the floor plan by hand using graph paper to show the actual dimensions & shape?

It's also easier to comment if we can see the dimensions of the space - 3D renderings like that can be deceiving.

Finally, it's really too small to comment much on - even when I click on the picture, it's too small to review...sorry!

Have you had a chance to read the "Read Me" thread? In particular, check out the "Layout Help" topic - it describes what information we need to help you!

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me!

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