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rosajoe_gwFebruary 1, 2011

Yesterday at the gym a group of women were talking about stocking up on food staples. We all know about the cotton prices and now Egypt is in turmoil. The news reports that the nasty winter weather is going to be here every year.

Our closest Walmart that carries fabric seems to have more of the really cheap stuff. I have purchased some fabric on sale online but overall I'm going to wait and see.

Are you adding to your stash supplies in case the 'dooms' prove to be true or are you going to wait and see?????

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My stash supply will last me the rest of my lifetime and then my daughter's after that so I'm safe. And even then I buy, buy, buy. Must be a sickness.

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LOL, Toolgranny! You're keeping the fabric manufacturers in business!

I don't like most of the fabrics they've been coming out with over the last few years. I think the color schemes are ugly, so I haven't bought much of anything in the last year or so. And I haven't run short yet!

So, I guess the answer is no, I'm not stocking up. Maybe I'll be sorry later!


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I am not buying much these days either, trying to use up what I have. But as a separate question, does anyone ever buy the Deal of the Day at Missouri Quilt?

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I buy mostly for a particular project. Since this is still a new passion, I'm still growing my stash. Since I mainly hand applique, I'm very addicted to FQ's and pick those up frequently.


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I have plenty already and continue to purchase as inspiration hits, but I haven't done any stocking up. Even if the price of higher-end fabric designers goes up, I think we'll still see good sales at the discount houses. Egyptian cotton is well known but they are far from the largest producer (China is) or from the largest exporter. I don't think troubles there will have much of an effect.

From Wikipedia:
The five leading exporters of cotton in 2009 are (1) the United States, (2) India, (3) Uzbekistan, (4) Pakistan, and (5) Brazil. The largest nonproducing importers are Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong.
In India, the states of Maharashtra (26.63%), Gujarat (17.96%) and Andhra Pradesh (13.75%) and also Madhya Pradesh are the leading cotton producing states, these states have a predominantly tropical wet and dry climate.
In Pakistan, cotton is grown predominantly in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The leading city in cotton production is the Punjabi city of Faisalabad which is also leading in textiles within Pakistan. The Punjab has a tropical wet and dry climate throughout the year therefore enhancing the growth of cotton.
In the United States, the state of Texas led in total production as of 2004, while the state of California had the highest yield per acre.

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I also have so much fabric that I do not feel that I need to go on a buying spree. (not that I would not mind doing that!!) At this time I have been working on projects using what I have on hand and have not put a noticeable dent into the stash yet!

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Well....if there is a shortage, I can just make scrap quilts the rest of my lifetime. I have saved scraps all of my over 26 years worth of quilting.

But just to be safe, I'm going to Lancaster next month!


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I plan to continue to purchase, but only what I really need. No more "just cause I like it" purchases. I will have to purchase batting and perhaps some backing fabrics from time to time. But since I love scrappy quilts, I'm set for a while.


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I've limited my fabric buying for the last few years since I lost my job. However, I do have a pretty good stash from when I did have one. I used to buy 2 to 3 yards at a time with no plan for it. So I still have my own "store" but there are times when I need yardage for backings or sashings and borders, etc. I usually use a coupon or wait for sales. I try to buy once in awhile at the LQS although they very rarely have sales and their fabric is pricey. As for stocking up due to cotton prices - I wish I could but there are other priorities like eating and putting gas in the car.

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Fabric here in Canada is much more expensive than the U.S.
I am trying not to buy so much as I have lots in my stash. Regardless of the prices, I won't be making any big fabric purchases anytime soon. Our Walmart has closed out the fabric department in all 3 stores and some months ago, the local fabric shop closed its doors. The other local one is VERY expensive. So now there's only Fabricville...I shop there when sales are on and use my discount card.


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I won't buy fabric, but I did buy some new sheets on sale that I probably didn't need.

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I have a big enough stash to last the rest of my life but I will buy when the need happens. Prices have gone up noticeable but that is not the only area of infaltion just one the hurts us quilters. Jayne

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For the last two years I've only been buying fabric at thrift stores and garage sales. The first year, I did not run across fabric very often, but last year I found quite a bit. I usually pay under $.50 a yard and at that price I do think of stockpiling in case I can't buy in the future. I do want to use it up and hope I don't just build up a stash that my family will then be left to get rid of!

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I have so much fabric it's obscene. The problem is, I bought much of it in large piece when I was sewing clothing or household items. Some of the cotton prints really aren't suitable for piecework, some are. The wools, well.........I have a wool quilt on the agenda to start this winter. I have yard upon yard of it I bought years ago when a fabric store went out of business. At $25 plus a yard now, I'm almost gloating. LOL.

I have also inherited several stashes. I do still buy some cottons when a lotto block comes up and I don't have a good choice of my own, or I need 'just the right' design for a quilt I am making somebody else. But basically, unless it screams at me from the store isle, I've done really well for a couple years not indulging and I have enough fabric for quilts to last a couple generations.

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I'm fortunate enough to be able to buy what I want, but I'm not flagrant about it.

I do buy for projects, but when doing so, I keep in mind what I will do with the leftovers. But this is a difficult area for me, since I don't, for the most part, like scrappy quilts. Live and learn, I suppose.

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I too, could quilt from my stash for a VERY long time! LOL However, it never fails that I'll need something to 'go with'...lotto blocks, RRs, etc. Sometimes I see something that I think I just HAVE to have, but for the most part I'm behaving myself. It can also be really hard to pass up a good sale at a LQS, but since those don't happen all that often...! :)
I think those of us who like scrappy will fare better if/when the prices do skyrocket. We'll be able to quilt w/what we have & be happy.

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Rosa, There's no need for me to stock up. Like some of the rest, I doubt I'll use all that I have. I've started giving some of the larger pieces away and books/patterns, too.


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day2day, our Walmart fabric department closed last summer, and then re-opened a few months later.. so there is hope.

I only buy on coupons or on sale. Over the past year I've built up a pretty wide range of 1/4-1/2 yard pieces for swaps, and have several multi-yard pieces for specific projects to come. The plan is start using up and buying only what's needed for what I'm working on, rather than just cacheing... unless it's just too irrestistible.. Like the 50 cent scrap bags at one of the stores in Lancaster!

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I have toned down the shopping a bit too. I buy basically what I need for a specific project, to supplement what I have in my stash. I don't have a large lifetime stash, thank goodness I got a handle on myself early on in this addiction. Have found a couple of good projects to use up some of the scraps I sorted just last month during the "southern snowstorm". Of course, if I see a really good sale with a really good price....all good intentions go right out the window...:) then there is that fabric that just calls my name and says "take me home with you" "you NEED me" or the classic "I would work perfectly in (fill in the blank)......

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PS I am much more concerned about the shortage of chocolate that may be looming. Read that due to political unrest in the Ivory Coast which produces 40% of the worlds cocoa, farmers are fleeing the area.....cocoa prices are rising....what is a chocolate lover to do???? Sleepless nights are ahead I fear....must budget fabric money for chocolate....

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.usnewssource.com/headlines/will-the-world-run-out-of-chocolate-by-2014_158326.html

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Nooooo, not chocolate!

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