Weekend plans for Feb. 26-27?

lindaoh_gwFebruary 25, 2011

We had another snow storm last night. I am waiting for our driveway to be plowed so I can go into work today.

Tomorrow I am going on the OH-MI Shop Hop, weather permitting. A group of us are meeting at 5:30 AM in the church parking lot to carpool to the bus pickup. We will be visiting 9 shops in Ohio and Michigan. Our lunch will be provided on the bus. We will have a "bus mom" who will have our passports stamped and pick up the free gifts at each shop. All we have to do is shop!

What are you planning to do this weekend?

Linda OH

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I sure hope we don't get another storm this coming weekend
We received 8 inches last nite. My husband and sons are trying to open lanes just to got out of yard, No snow plows yet. What a winter,I thought last year was bad enough. Of all things I am not in mood to do any quilting.

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More snow here also. Enough already!
No time for quilting this weekend, must attend funeral of very dear friend.

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Puttering in the sewing room this weekend. I am getting things together for the next scrap quilts. (One of these days I will get my pile under control.) There was a pattern - I think it was called Cumberland - that one of the form members did some time ago. I am cutting the squares for that project, and sewing some together as well. I have other pile of already cut items (tumblers, that sort of thing) that I am finally sewing together. Have not decided if I will make a crib size charity quilt or a table runner. Just not in the mood to work on a big organized project/pattern.
We have rain (better than snow) and it is expected to be very windy later.

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I went in to work, did the necessary things, then headed home. We are in a full-out blizzard and no signs of the snow plows. I'm making rice pudding, baked some pumpkin bars and am ready to hibernate for the weekend. I told DH if it keeps snowing like this he can find me in bed hiding under my electric blanket! I probably will finish up my one-seam flying geese blocks, but need DH to replace my light bulb on my machine. Have fun at your shop-hop Linda! Spring will come finchelover! (please come, please come, please come...)

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How different things can be!!

Today it's 68 degrees, sunny & windy! Severe thunderstorm watches for this afternoon.

I have all the windows open to clear out the flu germs we've been dealing with for the last 11 days!! All kids have gone through it; I've had more of a head/chest cold (which really stinks when you're 7 months pregnant!!) and am starting to feel more human. DH is now feeling poorly.

This weekend is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA. I'm hoping to escape the house for one day to get down there. I'm feeling very cabin-feverish after 11 days of no activities or errands!!!

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Linda & Jennifer, have fun at the quilty events! We have a local shop hop coming up at the end of March. Next Friday I'm going to a quilt show and next Sat. my guild is having a workshop.

Nannykins, I'm sorry for your loss.

Not much planned here. We are having beautiful warm spring weather. The trees are all leafed out. Hubby is off tomorrow but I don't think he has any plans, either.


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I'm staying pretty close to home in the rainy weather. I just survived a major birthday and one gift was a beautiful stack of fat quarters that would make a wonderful, wild-colored quilt. So I sit here staring at it hoping for inspiration. So many patterns to consider. I hope one of them comes to the forefront soon or I'll be so frustrated. The friend who gave it to me expects to see a new quilt by next week. LOL

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Had a bit of a meltdown this afternoon. My dear friend, who was also our choir director/organist, was diagnosed three years ago with uterine cancer and was scheduled to begin chemo after her surgery. I made her a quilt using music fabric in a very simple pattern of a solid block and a snowball block. In these snowballs, every member of our choir signed their name with a message of hope. The quilt went to every chemo session with her and during the last three weeks when she was in hospital, the quilt lay on her bed.
Today at the funeral home, the quilt was draped across the coffin.
Totally lost it!!!!

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It looks like it's been a difficult week for quite a few of us. For those of you who have lost your friends, I'm so sorry. For those of you who have been through the wringer with family members/yourselves having the flu, please continue to take care and get lots of rest. For those of you who are lucky enough to be attending quilty things this week-end, be safe and have fun....spend a little extra just because you can! For those of us spending most of the week-end at home.....wooooohooooo!

Karlene, I love making the one-seam Flying Geese, but my quilter had a learning experience with them.....not sure if she'll accept any other 3-D quilts. @:)

I'm hoping to get some more fabric washed and finish making Wonky Pinwheel blocks (they sure are addictive!). DH plans to go to DGS baseball game and will be gone for about 5 hours tomorrow, so I should be able to accomplish something!

Sorry about all the snow some of you are having to deal with this winter.


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This weekend I need to take some pics of the Bubble Quilt #3 and it is supposed to be sunny out, which is good. I also plan to make more "building blocks" quilt blocks for another scrappy baby quilt.

And I need to make a start on my piece of the "puzzle" for my round robin quilt. This round we each took a favorite picture, enlarged it to the size we wanted for our wall hanging, cut up the enlargement in 6 pieces, then gave out the pieces to the 6 members in our RR group. Our challenge is to duplicate the puzzle piece adding a quarter inch to the edges. Then the owner sews the puzzle pieces together and adds any borders or embellishments to her own quilt. We have a photo from a recent trip to Paris, a painting of an Alaska husky dog, a landscape photo of the Rocky Mts., a landscape of fall in Vermont, and I forget the other two... Should be interesting!


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Best wishes to the ones affected by the bad weather. Jennifer it is hard enough to be 7 months much less dealing with a sick family and then you are sick too, take care of yourself!
To all of you enjoying quilting events have a great time!!! We have beautiful weather and it looks like a hot summer is on it's way fast.
I am sewing on the binding of the triple IC that turned out to be 82x90. WAY to big for my Janome lol!!!!!

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Nannykins~so, so sorry--brought tears to my eyes. Obviously, your quilt made a big difference in her life --what a tribute to you!

I have had the flu for almost 3 weeks now--and I got a flu shot in Oct. I almost never get sick. I took a workshop and I could smell the Vicks from the lady behind me, and everytime she coughed, I imagined fluorescent germy droplets hitting my back ~lol~ now I'm her!

This week, I have been trying to per-fect a machine sewn binding using an antique blanket stitch on my machine. I have been reading Sally Collins' book "Borders, Bindings & Edges The Art of Finishing Your Quilt", and I have combined her method and measurements, with a couple techniques from You Tube- Jaybird Quilts & Leah Day and I just completed a French, 1/4" machine sewn binding that is really great. I cut the bias strip at 1.875, stitched to the back, trimmed (again) exactly 1/4" from the stitching, and brought the binding to the front and stitched. The mitered corners are very, very good. I am guessing Sally Collins only hand stitches her bindings on the back :). Her books are very precise and detailed, and I think they are meant for the very serious.

I hope to get at least one more quilt binding completed this weekend, but I am doubtful I will get it finished.

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Sally Collins belongs to my guild and her work is wonderful. We've all seen her stacks of small, precise quilts and now she has become a verb. We say "I didn't Sally Collins that, I just threw it together quickly." Everyone knows exactly what that means. She's a lovely lady.

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We had a wonderful time on the shop hop yesterday. We visited 9 shops and had nice weather too. (just a little snow) I bought the templates for the Twister quilt. After debating whether I should make my own or buy it, I decided to buy the tool. I also bought fabric for the border on the quilt I had started for the Twister. I found lots of other goodies. Will post about that later.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Linda OH

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Well, I'm exhausted after walking the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest today!! It was a great day with a few good friends, but a disappointing day in respect to the quilts in the show. Seems that the shows are taking a decided turn to the art quilt, and most are not even well-made!

The vendors were good as normal, but didn't buy much today. Did get two pieces of batik to put with a 3rd for the baby's quilt. Will hopefully be working on that at our guild's Quitl-In in March.

Got some more Superior thread for my quilt frame, and a wonderful massage pillow for me & DH to share!! Not much, but a good day in all!!

Glad to be home, ready for bed!!

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What a busy weekend everyone had! I'm envious of the shop-hop and quilt shows!!

Nannykins, what a great tribute for your friend. You brought tears to my eyes as well.

We're finally over the flu at our house and enjoying some warm, but windy and wet weather. More thunder and bad stuff predicted today. We're in the midst of Girl Scout cookie sales, so thank goodness we had good weather for our booth sales on Saturday. Support your local Girl Scouts, everyone!!

With all of that, I did get a little bit of sewing done yesterday. I've started 2 new projects this month. Both are block of the month type projects, so there isn't any pressure to get them done, just to keep up. One of them I started behind, but making progress. The other I'm doing at my own pace (stitcher's garden) and with a personal twist. I'll share pictures when I get a few more blocks under my belt!

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This weekend was pretty productive for me:

~ got Bubbles #3 photographed for my Etsy shop

~ made the birthday block for the newest member of our group

~ started in on the sashing for the building blocks quilt

~ made some pot sticker dumplings for the freezer

~ took time to have lunch with my mom, my sister, and her friend.


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