20' x 28' Pool...How Many People Can It Hold?

pooldreamer_2010June 29, 2011

I have a choice between a 14' x 28' pool or I can widen it to 20ft. If we entertain a party of twenty, can they fit comfortably in the 14 x 28? Does the extra feet really make a difference?

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We can get 12 adults comfortably in our 8' round hot tub....

but wider is better for kids jumping in etc....much safer in my mind.

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I have a 16x75 and that would be crowded with 20 swimmers from a safety point of view. 6 feet does make a difference, but I wouldn't have 20 people in the pool without a dedicated/undistracted lifeguard.

As far as displacement goes, people will displace about their weight in water and water is about 8.3lbs/gallon (pure water. Salt water would be heavier). 150 lbs/avg person weight divided by 8.3 lbs/gal x 20 people = 362 gallons displaced for 20 people. With a 14x28 pool, the water will rise 1.5" when they enter.

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Depends on how fat the people are.

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Depends on what size keg you have at the party IMHO.

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