2 yr old heater has a problem, what should I say to pool person?

ailene54June 21, 2012

We moved into our house 6 yrs ago. Two years ago our pool heater broke, we bought a new one from the pool person we use, a Hayward, I asked him about the warrantee, he said "he's the warrantee"...Long story short the other day when I walked out the backyard smelled like gas, I called him he came over said all was fine, I also called the gas company who sent someone to look, was told "manifold hose" had a leak (he put water with soap, I did see it bubble),he thought it would be under warrantee. The date on the heater was also surprising (3 yrs old), I called Hayward found out the warrantee was only 12 months. I called the pool person, for him to come out it will cost 150, plus parts, plus possibly extra time... figure looking at 300...Should I shop around to have this fixed? Should I use my pool person? Your thoughts will be appreciated. I didn't purchase heater at cheapest price because I trusted the pool company I'm using, but he did say he's the warrantee!! I don't expect him to fix it for free, I don't understand why a new heater is leaking gas either, or why he told us we don't have to "worry about a warrantee when we buy from him" his wife had us call Hayward, and is not saying anything is covered or discounted. Do you think this repair should be discounted? I wanted to charge the heater, he wanted cash (did get a receipt tax was added), but had I paid by American Express heater would still be covered. Please tell me what you think I should do...I'm confused, and do want/need a working heater.

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The fact that he did not know how to look for the gas leak bothers me, your pool guy should have done the soap test, thats step 1.

Get a second opinion or two, and quotes.

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