Faded Potio Umbrella: is there hope?

syllabusApril 10, 2008

Spring has sprung and the sun is shinning, so DH pulled out the (what was once) dark green patio umbrella and opened it up. Can we say Zebra stripes of white and green?!

Is there a fabric paint or dye that can be applied that will bring it back to life?? It's a run of the mill canvas. I'm thinking "no"... but don't really have any experience in this area. It doesn't really bother ME... but.....

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PATIO! PATIO Umbrella!! Why can't we edit an original post!?

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My potty-o doesn't have an umbrella. I guess I'm missing out!

That said, it's canvas? That's what all the famous paintings are done on, you know -- canvas. I recommend you visit Michael's and talk with them. They'll show you their fabric paints. You can paint it and then you can stencil or hand paint whatever you like on it. You could have a lot of fun with it! Got kids? Let them help!

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If you google magnaverde, there is a shot of his living room with a deep raspberry sofa, and it's painted! I think he said he used plain latex paint. My thinking would be that if the umbrella looks awful with the fading, a little paint could only improve the situation. If you hate it, you start over with a new umbrella, which you would have to do anyway......

And as for editing........? When you finish typing your message, you must hit "Preview Message" in order to submit. The preview is the message the way it will appear in your post. So, if you have typos, clunky wording, or if a link or photo doesn't come out right, THATS the time to fix it before you hit "Submit".


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Oh now c'mon, Red... you aren't going to hold us to THAT are you? lol!

Sometimes bad gremlins make everything look perfectly okay until you hit the final submit button and THEN they let you know you get to look like an idiot to everyone. I know this for absolute fact. ;)

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I'm not sure if it's still out there, because I noticed they were reduced at Lowe's last summer but there was spray paint for that sort of thing at Lowe's. I think Rustoleum made it or at least it was some other name brand like that. You could give that a try.

I wish they would make those things better so they didn't wear out. Not everyone can afford to toss and replace their patio umbrella's and cushions EVERY year! Many of us end up with faded, ugly ones for a few years until we can replace them. This is why I went and bought the resin wicker chairs last year for the porch...now I don't have to worry anymore about that. I like umbrellas and other things to soften up the outdoors, but they never last!

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I'll do a field trip out to my local craft store and talk to a favorite employee that works in the paint area (and really knows her stuff!).

Oceanna-- you are exactly right! I did the preview, proofread and then merrily hit submit! It was seeing it in BIG, bold print that caught my eye. LOL!

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I think that's why so many people have others proof their documents. Once you have typed it, you know what it is supposed to say, so you don't really 'see' your error when you proofread. Although, in my own case, when I have a wording error or a typo, it is ALWAYS because I was in a hurry and was so sure that my post was ok, and did not really proofread.

Back in the day, when I used to post all the time on BHG Decorating forum, they had an edit feature, where you could even go back days or weeks later, and edit your post. I think that's what people are really talking about here, when they lament that there's no 'edit'. The Preview IS an edit feature, it's just that you have only one shot at it before you hit the Net head on, in all your crazy spelling, insane punctuation, and bad link glory. But, just to defend GW for a moment.........one thing that I hated on the BHG forum--some people would respond to a thread, say something snarky or mean-spirited, or unkind, then....when the posters would comment, they REMOVED their mean remarks and edited with something else entirely.........so it came out something like this::


Red is so annoying!!! Why can't we reach right through her monitor and pull out her frizzled hair?"


"Red: Well, Oceanna......I think your hair is uglier than mine and you are just a mean troll!!"

(Oceanna now 'edits' her OP)

"Oceanna: Hmmmm, Red, I think you're sweet but perhaps you're a little too hasty to prescribe purple paint for syllabus's patio umbrella?"

(Now, of course, her NEW comment is followed by Red's mean troll comment and everyone who didn't see the first one trashes Red. Poor Red. Her hair is a mess, her DH is trapped by American Airlines in Dallas Texas, driving his rental car around and around in a circle, and he just called to ask what she was wearing. Silly Red. Instead of coming up with some fabulous fantasy outfit and telling him what an amazing hair day she was having.......she told him the truth about the red flannel p.j. pants, the tee shirt, and her messy hair. Now DH wants to stay in Dallas. And AA may just keep him there.......

Whoa!! Did I ever get off topic??!!!!


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Red -I suspect DH is having such a bad day, that he thinks your red flannel pj pants & T-shirt are very sexy & he can't wait to get home to you!!! Okay, maybe not - send him a sexy picture on his phone!!! Poor guy!
Interesting read about the edit function.........or lack thereof.

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That is just tooo funny. Really LOL over here!

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Hahahaha, as a fomrer leagle poofreader, I hvae laernd nt to let tyypos bohter me to much.

Syllabus, is your pottio umbrella removable? If so, you can probably throw it into a dye bath.

Carry on....

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ROFLMAO! This is why I love this place! I am in total agreement with Oceanna. I personally never make typos, the darn gremlins do it for me ;~P
OK, wiping the tears streaming down my face off and trying to get serious here . . . Pfffft! . . . cough cough . . . heehee!
I think painting it would be such a cool solution. It could be fun and look great,too. Very personalized. I'm just not sure how long it would last without some kind of sealant on top of the paint. I'm sure there's one you can use, though. Let us see the final results, will you?

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Red dear, do you have time to write him back quickly and tell him you were teasing and you're really wearing your French Maid costume with the 6" spiked heels? ;D

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My dear Oceanna.........he just texted me and has been re-routed from Dallas/Phx/Fresno to somewhere with a nude beach in Brazil. I put my flannels back on when I got home from the store, poured myself a glass of white zin, and was just reading something about a Bran Muffin in not one, but two, threads here. I would love to see DH, but right now I've got the hots for the new paint shade 'Bran Muffin' available at Sherwin Williams.

I am, however, wearing 6" spike heels and black underwear with those flannel pants. Just in case.

p.s. can someone ask AuntJen if you can use regular all-purpose flour with the bran and still get the same results?


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My patio umbrella is filthy, my BF told me to scrub it with Tide w/bleach and let it dry in the sun. If it fades or streaks, I would tell you that I will paint or stencil it. However, that is a lie. If that doesn't burn a hole in it, I'll just use it anyway. There is hope, it is called Heineken. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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They do sell the tiki grass hut skirt that goes over your existing patio umbrella. Thatched umbrella cover is at Target.com also Luauexpress.com... but I think Lowes or HD might sell them in the spring.

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If the grass skirt goes with the flannel pants, the 6" spiked heels, the bran muffins and the Heinikin, we're in business!

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