New here...need pool finish advice

Tina2011June 23, 2011

I am looking for your opinions on the best (for longevity & ease of care) smooth aggregate or 100% quartz finish products. There are so many choices out there! CLI products, Wetedge, Pebble Tec, etc...

We have a quote for Pebble Fina from a PB, but want to know if there are products out there with a little bit more color varation in the finish, but still just as smooth (for similar or lesser cost). Thoughts?

Would love to get something like Beadcrete, but just cannot afford it.


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Tina - I am not a pool finish expert, but have talked to several PBs recently about this topic. The impression I got from most is that Pebble Tec, River Rok, Wetedge etc. are all pretty much the same in terms of product quality and longevity. Obviously bigger rocks (Pebble Tec) have a more rough surface and smaller Pebble Sheen and Fina are smoother. Some PBs have a deal with Pebble Tec to only use them, but we found that Pebble Tec was overpriced. We went with River Rok. I agree, the Beadcrete looks great, but very expensive.

Also remember to read the fine print on the warranty. Most PBs told us that yes, they have a 10 year warranty, but will likely find a way to get out of it (daily pool chemistry readings required, etc). However, most did say that the aggregate finishes have lasted a long time. I read on here somewhere that the blue color in some of the plasters of aggregate finishes fades over time, but have not confirmed that.

Hope that helps a little.


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We recently had our new pool finished with River rok. I can't speak to longevity since it was only finished 6 weeks ago, but I can tell you it's not rough on your feet. We find it very comfortable. Also, so far it's been great at resisting stains. We've had a few windy thunderstorms that have blown all kinds of debris into the pool, and some of it initially left brown stains. Given that it's brand new, I panicked, scrubbed at them with a brush and they wouldn't come off. But within a day, they disappeared on their own.

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Welcome Tina2011!
We had Pebble Sheen recently and are very happy with the smooth feel and application process. Pebble Tec applicators have to maintain excellent standards to continue to apply the product. In the Houston area we only have a couple. You might want to check with them in your area and find out if they deal with your PB. A poor relationship with a good contractor may be a red flag to you regarding how the PB treats/pays his contractors and deals with pool owners.

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beware pebble fina.. it's hard to get an even appearance to the finish..I should have went with pebble sheen.

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