How to decorate around a wood stove?

zelariApril 17, 2009

Hi :)

We will be closing on our new house the first week of May and in the meantime I have been planning all of my decorating so we can get started right away when we move in.

This room of the house was set up as a dining room, but we are going to make this our living room. Next year we are going to be doing an addition and some remodeling and it will open up the living room, dining room and kitchen all into one big space but until then, this is what we have for living room.

If you look at the layout that I've done, the front door is at the bottom right (just shows a wall there now) entering from the same wall that the larger sectional piece is on. Of course we will have the sectional and ottoman, tv against opposite wall and on the far right wall, you can see where the wood stove is located. If you look at the realtor photo, you can see that there are two long skinny windows on either side. The floor will be trafficmaster allure hickory and we have not yet decided on the wall color.

I have been a city girl all of my life and we are moving to the country so these wood stoves are all new to me. I have never used one, don't really particularly like them, but for now it is staying.

So any ideas of what I can do to dress it up a bit? My style is a mix of bohemian chic with a touch of shabby but really I'm mostly eclectic and like a mix of all styles so I am very open to suggestions.

Thank you!!

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Welcome to the country from another transplanted city girl! You're going to really like your wood stove. My friend has one almost identical to yours, it's in the middle of a long wall in her LR, with a tiled floor under it. Her floor is a bit bigger though.

In the summer she decorates around and behind it with tall potted plants, along with pictures on the wall. In the winter you can buy some pretty pieces to sit atop your stove for water & humidity. A wood stand would be nice since you'll be using it.

You'll have fun dressing it up!

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You have a beautiful "Franklin Fireplace." I would love to have it! You'll be amazed at the warmth it gives. No other type of heat will warm you like a wood-burning stove. Congratulations.

We're remodeling our three-seasons' porch into a four-seasons' porch this summer. We will be putting in a corn burner stove with a glass front...but it's not nearly as large and pretty as yours.

Our exhaust pipe will go out through the wall horizontally. We plan to have a flag stone hearth under the stove and more stone going to the ceiling behind the stove. I don't plan to "decorate" it as such, but in the summer I'll keep live plants on it. There will be a mantle set into the stone work; I'll probably hang some sort of artwork above it.

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