Need Ideas For Landscaping Around Deck & Walk - PICS

eldemilaNovember 27, 2010

I'm having a difficult time trying to find ideas for landscaping around the deck built on the front and side of the house we purchased. We are going to remove about 27ft of the deck seen in the picture below (there's a LOT of deck). The picture under that shows a rendition of how it would look without the part of the deck I'm going to remove.

I will still have part of the deck to the right, and I'm trying to come up with some ideas on what to plant there. It's a bit high up and I'd like to hide the area below the deck with something like lattice and place some taller plants between the walkway and the deck.

The area where the deck is going to be remove will be an open canvas and will be easier to come up with some plan, though I haven't a single one yet, but the area around the deck is another story.

Does anyone have any pictures of landscaping they've done around their deck where the deck is on the high side? Any suggestions on what to plant, or even a covering for underneath other than lattice? There's not a lot of space between the walkway and the deck. I'm also lost when it comes on what to do on the other side of the walkway, it's bare and I'm not sure of what would look good on that side of the stairs. My searches have come up with nothing.

Thanks for any suggestions/ideas!!!

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I'm sure you have a good reason for removing part of the deck, but I really like it the way it is. You can access the back of the house without going up and down stairs, and the railings can house some nice containers of flowers. I do think a different color for the deck would be nice.A part lattice,part full panels might work under the deck attached to the uprights with low bushes in front for ground cover up to the sidewalk.

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I agree completely with Patsyann, but if you really want to remove part of the deck, you're right that landscaping is going to be key to balance out the height of the windows. What zone are you in and what is the exposure on that side of the house?

Our new deck will be about 5 feet off the ground and we're doing lattice (square not diagonal, even though for some reason square is much more expensive) skirting. My plan is to fill in with a lot of shrubs (in my case Limelight Hydrangeas) and a few small trees so that most of the skirting is hidden.

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