OK to stack mattresses?

celticmoonApril 6, 2013

Still struggling with a plan for a multi purpose room that needs a table and chair for writing, a reading chair and a daybed for meditation AND needs to convert to guest space for a couple months of the year.

After researching futons, sofabeds, trundles, daybeds and every other guest room variant, it occurred to me that stacking a pair of custom 30 x 80 mattresses on the floor would be the desired small footprint and height for a daybed. Maybe the metal frames could even park (folded) under the mattress stack.

Then for the season of guests, I'd open the folding frame and lay the mattresses adjacent to make a queen bed. Use a memory foam layer, bedskirt etc. The frame shown could even be split to two narrow beds OK for kids.

I'm thinking this would maybe work. Or would the bottom mattress get too squashed or something...?

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We have a daybed with a trundle tucked under it so the room can accommodate 2 people. When not in use it looks like this. Is that what you're talking about?

If we took off the bedding it would look like this with a mattress on top and a mattress underneath. It works out nicely because during the day the trundle can be slipped back under the daybed so the guest has more room to move around.

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Lukkiirish, yours is the more typical trundle setup. My plan uses narrower mattresses, 30 in instead of the 39 standard twin. That narrower 30 size would work so much better for every day and for guests. A pair of twins (king equivalent) is just too big for the room.

I don't believe those trundle frames exist in a 30 inch version. So I was wondering about just stacking the mattresses when there won't be guests for a while.... The folded frames could be stored in the closet if putting them on the bottom of the stack = too wobbley.

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I can't answer your question, but was curious if trundles came in "cot" size and found this. Don't know if it would work for you or if there are other cot size trundles out there to find...these are 30".

edited to add...oh, I see the bottom one doesn't pop up to make a queen, it would be two sleeping units, one on the floor unless you could add folding legs or something. Might work for youthful guests but not some of us oldies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trundle cots

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Thanks olychick, but that cotsize is too short at 73", and no pop up is a deal breaker. I want it to be very comfortable for a couple, and I am willing to drag mattresses for guest season. There is another dedicated guest room, but families and friends may come in groups during Feb/March.

At other times the one guest room will be fine and this space will be DH's retreat. He prioritizes the writing and reading functions and really doesn't want a large bed in there. The 30 inch would make for a very nice writing/reading studio-like space. I want it to work well in that mode too.

Maybe I am expecting too much from this room...

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How about a Murphy bed? I found this link to some interesting ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cool Murphy Beds

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I was going to suggest a murphy bed, too. My parents have one in an office and it is nice to have the bed out of the way when it is not needed. They have added bookshelves around theirs and it is a nice "built in" look.

Do a google image search of "queen size murphy bed" and you will see some really great examples.

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I don't see how stacking the mattresses could hurt them. One person sitting on good mattress for less than an hour a day shouldn't make much of a dent in it. If you were concerned, you could rotate and flip the mattresses.

I think the bedframe is great in your application. But if you wanted to use the chair for meditation you could get a more standard mattress and bed arrangement.

I used to sit on the floor or in a straight-backed chair to meditate and I still fell asleep sometimes. The people who taught me told me not to be in an overstuffed chair or anything else supremely comfortable.

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Some of those Murphy bed options are interesting. The one that has a couch would meet the meditation/nap need. Pricey though at 7k with shipping. Plus install.
It is our snowbird nest, not a main home. May go with stacking and keep 5k for the boat fund..

Jamies, thanks for the vote on stacking. I hadn't considered using the chair for mediitating. Maybe because DH's meditation often seems code for napping, LOL. I am committed to a chair - almost finished reupholstering an MCM swivel chair that can spin toward the view.

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Just curious, where do you get 30" mattresses? And bedding? I understand the reluctance to go with a standard twin width; it really is too big to serve as a sitting space. But I've never heard of narrower mattress widths. Intriguing.

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Have you considered the upholstered chairs that fold out to a twin bed?

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Looking again at your metal frames, could you just have one with a mattress in the room all the time and stow the other under the frame and stash the second frame? Then there would be no worries at all of whether the bottom mattress will get squished.

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Luann, do you mean the origami-like flip out foam things? If they are are low, I'm not sure they'd be comfy enough for an older couple on vacation for a week. Do you recommend a particular one?

Running, I am resigned to having the mattresses made custom. There is a local family run place that has been around for a while (Verlo). There will probably be an upcharge, but the flexible configuration is worth it to me. The frame isn't expensive and has the bonus of splitting to skinny kid size twins. Queen bedding would be standard. For the rare instance of skinny twins I'll just use twin flat sheets & 'hospital corners'. No biggie.

Olychick, I don't think the frame legs fit a second mattress below (which is why popup trundles usually make wonky kings). But you have me thinking: Flat frame with legs folded under on the floor, then mattress, then second folded frame, then mattress. An alternating stack. That frame in the middle should help distribute weight and keep the mattress pair from being too squishy. Strap it all together and drop a custom cover over it. Done daybed.

That might work well... I wouldn't want to tangle with the stack for an overnight visit, but a seasonal transformation tussle I could tolerate.

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