Feb 2013 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLFebruary 1, 2013

It's February! The quilt for Katie is almost all quilted. It would have been finished today, but DH wants to meet up with a friend from MI so maybe tomorrow. I worked on it a lot yesterday and my eyes are letting me know about it today. Just wanted to get this posted but I'll have to list my other goals later on as I need to get around and ready to leave.

Go for it girls....be brave!!!


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The challenge for me this month will be to start a wedding quilt for grandson #2. I have the fabrics (batiks) and have had them for some time and I am pretty sure about the pattern but... I am nervous about starting.
So I must "be brave".

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I have a very simple Goal for this month--- Sew Anything!!!!!
Being brave is cleaning off the cutting table.....I'm afraid what I will find.

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I have a birthday block and seven swap blocks to make this month. I'm also continuing on the color wash hunter star, and I FINALLY got the last pieces for a QOV group top so hopefully that will be out the door this month, too.

Hmmm...quite a lot for the shortest month!


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Check in time.......

Theresa, Did you decide on a pattern and fabric for the wedding quilt?
Marsha, Did you find anything you had forgotten about on the cutting table?
Donna, If I knew, I had forgotten you were involved in QOV....I really like r/w/b quilts. Looking forward to seeing your Hunter Star.

I have 2 more of 16 blocks to make of a TATW for QOV.
Hope to get those completed today. Katie hasn't received her quilt yet as the person who was supposed to send it, didn't do it until Friday! Made DD so mad! But, maybe there was a reason......


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One step forward, two steps back.
I have had in mind for some time the pattern called Calypso using batiks in sea and Caribbean colours. I bit the bullet and made one block and I HATE IT. So now the challenge is to find another pattern where I can use these batiks.
Yesterday. I planned to work on the Jan. blocks. They are set out on the living room floor and I am liking them. Next question is "to sash or not to sash".
That plan got sidetracked when, at church, I heard about a young mother of three who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided to finish up a top in my WTBQ pile, (waiting to be quilted).
So that didn't go very well either. I thought I would use the serpentine stitch to quilt but either my machine (brand new Pfaff) is acting up or there was drag because that stitch is horrible. So what took two hours to stitch is taking two days to pick out.
Not my best weekend.
Thanks for asking Sharon.

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Awww Theresa, I know just how you feel when it seems like everything you touch doesn't work out. ((Theresa))


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Sharon, this QOV top is for another forum I'm on. The son of one of the members is in the Coast Guard and this will be a wall hanging with the Coast Guard star in the center. Other members of the group have sent blocks and fabric for borders, I just need to assemble the top and mail it off to the quilter.

Yesterday I made the 7 swap blocks and the birthday block. I have 2 more birthday blocks due in early March so will probably do those before I get back to the hunter star.

Life has gotten in the way and severely cut into my quilting time! :)


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February it goes by quickly, no? Four exact weeks, a bank holiday, family birthdays, gearing up for spring in the g'house. I have done a bit of miscellaneous sewing just for a change of pace, and am still piddling around with my pink crazy quilt, totally uninspired by now. Do a few feet of handwork a day and only have twelve feet of hems stitching left to do. I should have it finished by month's end. There sits a queen sized jewel box scrappy to sandwich and quilt, but I may not even start it until summer. Next quilting project shall be a Japanese inspired disappearing nine patch, or the wool quilt. I shan't start it until the pink quilt is finished.

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My goal for February was just to sew SOMETHING to get back into it. I haven't managed that yet but I'm hoping to this weekend. I did fuse some t-shirts for a quilt and have several blocks cut out for that; I think it will go together pretty fast once I get started. And I did a little fabric and pattern shopping while I was on vacation in Alaska. I'm feeling some inspiration!


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