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chakrJune 6, 2011


I am getting bids for pool equipment and they are all over the place - intellitouch, easytouch, one pump, 4 pumps, etc.

Here is what I am looking at:

pool with negative edge, spa, waterfall, 4 deck jets in one loop, in-deck solar heating system, 2 landscape light circuits

What is the best way to do this? Is EasyTouch good enough? Intellitouch i7+3? One pump for all systems or multiple pumps?


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What is your idea of "best" for you?

A negative edge should be on it's own system.

How big is the waterfall? You may be able to team the deck jets with it.

How many jets in the spa? If it's the standard 6 or 8 jets and they are at nearly equal heights, you should be able to put the pool circulation system on it.

Thats 3 pumps. If there is a pressure side pool sweep, make that four.

In deck heating doesn't. Not enough BTUs.

Don't forget a heater. Check your gas meter. It may need up sizing.

Don't forget pool lighting. You mentioned landscapes.

How do you want to control things? Do security cameras or remote control appeal to you?

If so, then an I9+3 is where you should go. If can be expanded too. The Easy Touch is done at 8 relays.


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Thanks, Scott. Your questions made me think of a lot more details. So, here is some more data first:
- The pool is 16'x27' and approx 14,500 gallons.
- The pool does not have a skimmer
- The negative edge spillway is designed to have an auto-leveller
- The negative ege is about 11' wide.
- The spa is 5'x7'. There are 6 jets in the spa
- The waterfall is small and the water has to go up about 8' but the flow is out of a 3/4" feeder so not high power by any stretch. I am guessing a 1/2 hp kind of pump would be more than sufficient
- the pool and spa are fully tiled (not plaster) and apparently that makes a difference to the cleaner so have not picked a cleaner yet.
- lighting: pool-2; spa-1; spillway-2, bench-2 (savi melody type)
- Equipment is right next to the pool - about 4' below pool water level. The longest pipe is probably 30'
- in-deck solar heating is right next to the pool but at a level lower than the pool - about 4' below pool water level (same level as equipment).
- Only the spa is heated - not the pool
One equipment guy says everything is closeby and can be run off one pump using valves. Another guy quoted 4 pumps. I called Pentair and they said either one would work depending on the hydraulic calcs (which i do not have)

- I can easily schedule so that cleaning and in-deck solar happening when the pool is not being used
- I do see the spa, waterfall, and negative edge all running at the same time.
- I can see negative edge, waterfall and deck jets running at other times.

As far as "best" goes, the key here is that it should be drop dead simple so that everyone including guests should be able to use the system with minimum hassle(at least start/stop the functions needed)

Would this still need 3 pumps?
And, out of reach for EasyTouch?

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