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decosmitteeMarch 29, 2013

Yea, my first post!

I am confused as to how to modernized my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen is only five years old and the cabinets are nice quality. I just do not like the arch door and stain color. I had Home Depot out today about staining them a darker color so the arch will fade a bit. However, I do not know if that's the best option. Also, I need the island redone because I want to move the microwave to the island and add drawers.


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Another picture

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The island

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They look like lovely cabinets from those pics, though maybe IRL it's different. Those subtle arches don't look dated like the more pronounced golden oak builder grade from the 80s/90s do, at least around my neck of the woods!

I would consider changing out the hardware first. Since the lower cabinets are not arched, if the hardware doesn't do it for you maybe order custom doors for the uppers with some frosted glass?

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BTW I am seeing your pictures sideways. There are many people here who have changed out the door fronts and drawer fronts. Usually they have had them painted.
Look at linelle"s kitchen for a really good example of a kitchen redone on a budget. She kept her original cabinets but changed the fronts and had them professionally painted white.
As far as kitchen's go, yours is quite nice. However, I do see why you would like to change it. Because they are in such good shape, you might want to consider saving your money for a complete reno down the road.

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Our cabinets look identical to yours! We have Aristocraft cabinets, maple with a cherry stain. Our cabinets were installed when the house was built in 2000. Ironically, we were just talking about the cabinets and the arch last night! I'm also tired of the arch (it's only on our upper cabinets as well), As with yours, our cabinets are in great shape, so we will keep them.

We are planning a kitchen face lift and will focus on new countertops, cabinet hardware (we have none), new sink and faucet, and perhaps a backsplash. Ironically, our kitchen faucet broke last we bought a cheapo one to tide us over until we decide on the remodel.

I will be interested in following this thread and what your plans are. It may give me some ideas!


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Williamsen - the cabinets are in excellent condition so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Changing the hardware is a major consideration. I just can't see myself removing cabinets that others would love to have (especially around here).

Ellendi - I need to figure out how to change the pictures. I had an estimate for refacing the cabinets and changing the island. It was over $15000. If I am going to spend that much I would rather wait for a kitchen renovation later.

Wags848 - I am happy I am not the only one. :-). I do not want to spend a lot but want a different look. I think making the changes you are considering is an option. I also plan to change out the stove and dishwasher.

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It's not your cabinets. It's your counters and lack of backsplash. How do I know? Because my custom-made (year 2000) cabinets are VERY similar and look so much better after the mini facelift we just completed. We ripped out our old laminate counters and installed brushed jet mist granite with a standard edge on the perimeter and a double stack (ogee over bullnose) on the island to really set it off. We also extended the overhang on the island to 3", I believe. We installed a backsplash using 3X12 honed carrera tiles and did a feature behind the cooktop made up of 4" tumbled marble tiles set on a diagonal with some inset pewter tone bronze tiles. I already had pewter knobs and bin pulls for hardware, so I kept those. I love my "new" kitchen and I think you could probably fall in love with yours again, too. I have light oak floors, so given your dark flooring you might want to choose something lighter for your counters, but you'd be surprised what a difference these changes can make.

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Goldengirl327 - thanks so much. I think I am going to just change out the counters, add a backsplash and purchase new appliances first. If that doesn't work, I will look for other options. We actually are changing the floors. We have 4" handscraped maple upstairs in a lighter color and plan to install it on this level as well.

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Here is a picture of the dining area next to the kitchen. I am trying to merge the kitchen with this area and the sitting area nearby. My house is a small duplex. Ignore the bar on the door. I recently had a break-in and am awaiting the arrival of a new door.

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Sorry here is the picture.

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decosmittee - Here is a picture of our cabinets (excuse the mess). Our island is identical to yours as well. We have laminate counters that are still in great shape, but they need to go...ready for a change. I will repurpose/recycle them somehow.

I like Goldengirl's ideas and agree that those type of changes will make a huge difference. Goldengirl, do you have a photo of your kitchen? It sounds lovely!

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Wags848--I took a quick picture this morning. I hope this is helpful.

This post was edited by goldengirl327 on Sat, Mar 30, 13 at 9:48

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Sorry for the last post....trying photo insert again.

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.....and a quick before shot....

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goldengirl - Wow! Your new kitchen is beautiful! Thanks for posting the photos. You are so right...a face lift can truly make a big difference. Lovely!

Your new counters make a huge difference .I love the edge on your island counter! I'm in love with soapstone but worry it will be too dark with my cabinets. Your dark counters look fabulous with your cabinets though!! Hmmm....lots for me to ponder.

Thx again!


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Maybe this will help. I would think about changing out the counter (+sink) and adding a backsplash first. Your current counters suffer from having a *really* sharp edge and not enough overhang. I like an eased edge, but you could go with anything you like. If you really, really hate the cabinet color, then you could probably fix that yourself. How are you at DIY? It's a bunch of work, but I did it once and it turned out great - extended the life of those cabinets another 15 years.

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I'd focus on finding a counter color that marries well with the new flooring that will be in the picture. And potentially think about painting the island an accent color that would work with everything. I see you have the green rug there. If that's a color that you like, you could do the island in that color and have a creamy lighter counter and then do the backsplash also in a green, but maybe lighter shade. Or use a green pencil liner with some simple field tile that echoed the new counter colors.

I don't think I'd do granite in this kitchen though. It's a nice basic kitchen, but it has some functional issues that I wouldn't want to set in stone. Do a nice laminate counter update that will hold you for now until you either get ready to do a more extensive remodel, or you need to swap the laminate to the latest color trend because you're ready to move on to another residence.

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I would not change the floor or cabinets. They are beautiful.

I think you need some color in there other than the cabinet color. Start with paint since it is the cheapest. then knobs/pulls. Yours tend to disappear in the cabinets. Stainless steel dishwasher to match your refrigerator. Then a new sink and stove.

You would be surprised what new appliances do to your kitchen. See how nice your refrigerator looks?

Then counter tops and backsplash. I like the green idea with a lighter countertop. I think a good cabinet maker could change your island doors to drawers.

Good luck

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I want to thank everyone for the advice. I plan to think about this for a few days and then decide how to proceed. I do not want to spend a lot of money since relocation is possible in the next five years.

Goldengirl/Wags, funny, we all have similar layouts. Thanks for posting pictures. Goldengirl, love what you have done with your kitchen. You provided some great ideas as to what can be done.

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