My cousin found this place in her pottery class...

lafonda_ranchFebruary 10, 2012

and posted it on Facebook. There are so many quilting classes. I would love to take the week long hand quilting class. This looks like a really neat place to go and so close, too! Now, how can find the time to get a whole week off from work and go? I need more vacation.


Here is a link that might be useful: Folk School in North Carolina

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The John C. Campbell Folk School has a very good reputation. I have several friends who have been there for classes with their husbands and they all loved it. Wish I could afford to go.....


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Be still my heart! I am not near this place, but am in Appalachia none-the-less. There is something about our culture, and it is distinct, not only historically but also by ethnicity, and artistically. Sing behind a plough is so accurate. It's a heritage so worth preserving, and being 'out of the mainstream' in the mountains has helped to keep it as intact as it has remained today. I see they have some weekend classes..........perhaps you can fit into one of those.

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I have the good fortune to spend some time in the area of JCC near Murphy, NC. There is an informal quilt group there run by the nicest gal, Sammie. She is an instructor at JCC and teaches our group as the need arises. She is a generous gal and an award winning quilter. She specializes in repairing antique quilts.
In June there will be a quilt symposium in Cullowee, NC at the WNC university. Link is below. Enjoy!


Here is a link that might be useful: NC quilt symposium

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