Need help with porch post replacement.

crabjoeNovember 4, 2013

I've got porch posts that are rotting. When I measure them, they come measure out to 5' 1/4". I was told by one guy that they are considered 6" posts. Can anyone confirm is that is correct?

Also, I'd like to replace them with PVC posts... Can anyone tell me how hard this might be? I'm under the impression that my current wooden posts are just toe nailed...


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A 6" x 6" porch post would be a finished dimension of 5 1/4" but from here I cannot tell how yours are installed. You will ineveitably need to support the porch roof somehow when you remove the existing posts unless you can tell 100% that they are purely decorative and not structural.

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I replaced these posts about 20 years ago, the old post's were rotting on the bottom due to being in a little weather for a long time.
I set up a small section of wooden cribbing, then with a smal 12 ton hydraulic jack supported each section as I replaced them.
I supported from the rail not the floor, gave me a shorter cribbing.
Remember I said each section at a time, I would not support the entire porch at once.

not me anyway

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