QofTD 02/05/12 Bobbins: Drop in vs Front

magothyrivergirlFebruary 5, 2012

In celebration of Sharon getting a new machine - a QofTD :)

She said a drop in bobbin was a requirement.

I have always had a front loading bobbin - on every single machine I have or probably sewn on where I had to change a bobbin.

What is the advantage of a drop in bobbin?

What kind of bobbin loading do you have / prefer/ why?

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My Viking has a drop-in bobbin. I like it because you can see how much thread is left in the bobbin by looking through the clear plastic bobbin cover from the top of the machine. A disadvantage is if you were planning to use one of those teflon sheets on the bed of your machine for free motion quilting. Then you have to remove the whole thing every time you replace the bobbin and then set it up again.

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Not only is being able to see how much thread is left and changing bobbins easier, but it's much much easier to remove all the innards to clean. One thing I had to do to my clear cover is put some color on a corner of it as there were times I couldn't find it to put back on the machine. This one is a smokey clear and isn't so bad.

Try it, you'll like it. lol


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I like the drop in for all the reasons stated. I have had side loading bobbins on earlier machines and the FW has a side loading. Much more difficult to thread but might be an advantage if using an unusual thread in the bobbin, not sure.

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My new machine has a top-load. First time I've ever used one. I also like the fact one can see how much bobbin thread is left. I find the drop-in much more fussy about threads than my old side-loads. Mine doesn't like thicker, all cotton thread and wants me to use the finer gauge poly-cotton, which I don't like as well. If the thread gets a little thicker then it wants to pop out of the guides and that messes the seams up and I have to stop, remove the work and rethread the bobbin into the chase properly. I've sewn for over fifty years, and it's the machine...not me. I don't know what is going to happen when I stick in quilting thread. I have this sick feeling I'm going to have to use a different machine.

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I've only had top load, except on the featherweight, so that's all I know. It works for me!

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I lied - I have side loading bobbins in all but the 3 year old Pfaff that I piece on - it is a front load.

Calliope, you may need to adjust the little screw on the bobbin tension.

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It's still under a 90 return, and a replacement for one just like it with 'bobbin issues'. I'm afraid to even try to crack the screws to get to the bobbin tension for fear if this machine goes south, like the last one, if they see the marks on the screw heads where I had to force it, I won't have that option. I couldn't get the last one to unscrew, but it had more wrong with it than tensions. My one word of advise, is to go to a shop where you can 'try on' a machine before committing. There's a lot of poorly made stuff out there with big price tags.

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My Brother machines have drop-in bobbins, and I love them! Though when you're embroidering you have to take the hoop off the machine to put in a new bobbin. It's not hard or time consuming, but you do run the risk of somehow disturbing the embroidery and having it not line up right.

The Juki I use on the frame is a side-loader. (I guess that's what it would be called - the bobbin goes in the narrow end of the arm.) This is a necessity to me for a machine on a frame - I can't imagine trying to get in under the quilting to change the bobbin.


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I have a side load bobbin on my Pfaff and it's a major pain. You have to pop up a metal plate just to see it. I have the machine set into a Horn table, and I have to use a tool to get the bobbin in and out. I would be a lot happier if it was a drop in.

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I have the side load bobbin on my Baby Lock I have on a frame, and also my Featherweight machines have the side load. All my others have the drop in bobbins. I wish the embroidery machine had it on the side. I have to take the hoop off to change but it tells me when it is running low.
I guess it depends on what you are doing with the machine.
Linda OH

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Only drop in for me. My sister had a front load and it was a major pain. I love to be able to see how much bobbin thread is left....well on any color but black. These old eyes just can't see that black. but that is a different QOTD. LOL

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I love my drop bobbins but I think my front bobbin White has a nicer stitch.

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