Sikkens SRD - beginner questions

agiglioOctober 13, 2010

I'm staining a new pt deck and screen porch floor with Sikkens Cetol SRD - Teak. I picked up lots of useful tips from this forum, but have a few beginner questions. I sanded the floor with a 12-18 vibrating sander using 60 grit paper. Blew the dust off with a leaf blower and then used a tack rag. Sanded the spindles and edges by hand. Accidentally used 100 grit and had to go back and re-sand with 60!


It's calling for rain for the next 2 days. Do I need to re-sand or do anything else to prepare the wood after the rain? Wait 2 dry days? Folks at the paint store all tell me something different.

I tested the stain on a couple of scrap pieces of wood (that underwent the same prep) and noticed a few shiny spots after a full day of drying. Did I apply to heavily? I read that some people wipe off the excess stain with a rag after 5 minutes.

Thanks from a novice!

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I've got SRD #089 Redwood on my deck and fence.

We sell a LOT of it up here!

You've done the perfect prep. Wait 'till wood is dried-out...depends on your temps/night-time humidity, etc.
Try not to apply in sun.

Yes- shiny spots indicate the wood isn't pulling-in the stain in those areas.
Yes- 5-15 minutes is OK to wait b4 wiping excess off.

I like using the Wooster "Stainer" brush. It's got a handle that screws off so you can use your shop-broom pole instead. can STAND UP and stain the deck!

(SRD Dude!)

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I am staining the underside of new cedar and the person that is building the deck said to do one coat of Cetol 1. When I went to the hardware store to pick up the product the person there said to use SRD. What do you recommend.

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