Need Confirmation on IPE Staining Please.. Look here John :)

peacefulivingOctober 2, 2010

Hi Guys

Well... imagine that your IPE Deck had just been put down (brand spanking new) and you have fantastic weather... Now is the time to Stain :)

I just wanna confirm that:

1. You just clean it off with maybe water and let it dry or can you just use an air blower and get as much dirt and dust of that way? Now if that weather changes on you--- how long after that time should you recommend it would be necessary to use Woodrich?

2. We are thinking of TWP 100 series "116" to be exact OR we have also read on here John recommending the Storm Shield... Any updates on that John? Are you still liking the results on IPE? And if you had to pick between the two... does one sorta have a bit of a edge to be your top pick?

3. Would you use the TWP as the sealer on the edges since you don't use Anchor Seal? I know over done question... bear with me please ;o)


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Not necessary to prep the new wood unless its gone gray/silver.

I tested out storm shield last December because it was so cold the 116 would have taken forever to set up. The fast set up time of Storm Shield makes it a little tricky to put on and there is a slight color differance between the two Rustic colors. Both Finishes have a place and time to use them and one can be put on over the other. TWP Folks claim the ss will out proform the 116.

No info on building coats with ss I have been a little busy. J.

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John .... Thanks bunches for your advice! I have read soooo many posts about this IPE wood that my brain is now mush.... or worse than it was before anyway ;o) So again patience with my stupidity please -

If you have a few minutes... shockingly enough... I have a couple more questions if you are so kind :o) Your advice would be appreciated -

1. So for the 116 - What type of weather are we looking for 60-70 degrees? About how long will that take to set up? I know silly question to you but my situation is this ... We are located on the coast and soon the rain will be coming in by the buckets! We are getting the deck done now so all outside construction will be done so they can move to inside constuction while the weather is bad. I would love to stain the deck immediately as I am concerned with:

1. The weather
2. The contractors walking on the wood back and forth in bad weather while doing the inside construction that would permeate the wood.
3. I want to give the wood time to absorb the stain so the contractor will not ruin it too badly while working on the inside
4. One finish can be put over the other? Really? So if Im in a hurry or the weather is not warm enough I could actually use Storm Shield and them follow up with 116 during better weather?

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Storm Shield seems to be your best choice the 116 will require a couple days with that temp, the water base is done in a few min in 40 degree weather.

Keep the Contractors off the deck. Or provide walk ways for them my favorate is old carpet from a carpet store dumpster.

You could actually use Storm shield and then follow up with 116 durning better weather. J.

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