Ipe decking- too late for end grain sealer

aj4andyOctober 17, 2011

I just recently had an ipe deck installed. The contractor doing it did not use end grain sealer. Now I'm worried. Question is, is it too late to apply it? He has to come back to finish some other stuff. Should I have him apply anchorseal now? We could get to most ends by removing a couple of the outside boards that line it. It's been about a month or so since most of the wood was cut. I live in NE and it is getting colder and drier quickly here. Some boards have some checking already but most do not yet. A couple of the 4x4 posts have very bad face checking already. Is it a bad idea to seal the ends now after the wood has dried out quite a bit already?

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I would not worry about it. I did not seal the ends of my boards and they do just fine. You will do more damage trying to remove/seal in my opinion. As far as the posts go, I had some cracking on the posts as well. Again I think that is normal. you should try not to leave the end of the 4x4 exposed to the elements and cover it with end caps or seal (not sure your post style).

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Is this sealing the same thing as waxing the ends? For ipe, I seem to see a lot of reference to wax being used for sealing versus other materials.

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