HELP - Glass Deck Railings - Dead Birds

andynhOctober 23, 2010

I just bought a new house, and deck has glass paneled railings, so as not to obstruct water views. Day one I noticed 2 dead birds on the deck, from flying into the glass. Cleaned them up, and 30 minutes later another one. Now I have "X's" of blue painters tape on the glass, which obviously cannot be a permanent solution. Any ideas?


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Dress out the birds and have them with cornbread, real tasty!!

Or just let the local cats have them its the green thing to do we just cant keep taking things to the land fill they are already full of trex. J.

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The decals from will help a lot. Although they need replacing every year or two depending on sun damage. Also make sure there are no bird feeders or anything else that will attract them.

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just a thought, but could you darken the glass kind of like that used for car windows? BUT could you still see through it to the lake?

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Place a decoy of an owl or hawk on top of the rails.

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The decoy's seem like the best option. That or don't clean the glass.

Sorry, we haven't been that helpfull. We have the same problem here with our windows. Hawks chase the birds into them.

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I like John Hyatt's idea best.

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