Least Expensive Patio Floor Option

splaisOctober 8, 2013

Looking for input from anyone who has built or does do the work. Very early stages of trying to find the least expensive option for getting a decent patio floor. In the area between the house and the deck you see in the picture below.

Data. The existing ground level pad is 16' x 15'. The house back door sill is about 8 or 9 inches above the slab. The deck on the other side of the area is about 12" above the existing slab.

I was thinking about laying treated 4x4's for a support structure and laying composite decking over that. But I'm reading that is not a good idea. There are termites. This is in Mississippi. Because of the limited height available, don't knw if a deck would work.

I did some preliminary looking at pouring a concrete slab, but I was getting prices around $6-$8 a sq foot. I want to do a deck/slab that is 16x25.

Any comments appreciated.

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I don't see how you're going to beat the concrete price with a properly built (read: not floating 4x4s) composite deck. Up here we're at anywhere from $40-60/sq ft installed for composite decking on p/t framing

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Where are you going to pour the concrete? Last job I had done was $4.50 sq ft for a 12' x 24' pad. I think $6-8, especially for Miss., is high.

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The high sq ft cost of the concrete must have been for a slab poured around 6-8" thick, correct?

I would see that as being your least expensive solution when you take into consideration termites and the cost of other materials.

I'd say try a brick patio, but you'd still have the expense of building it up to your preferred height. A concrete slab is the way to go, all factors considered.

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